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Speedboat-rs2 A New Multi-modality Endoscopic Device For Gastric And Oesophageal Submucosal Dissection
Sat - August 26, 2017 1:08 pm  |  Article Hits:2688  |  A+ | a-
Speedboat RS2, powered by the microwave-based CROMA platform, permits “minimally invasive” endoscopic removal of early stage cancerous and precancerous lesions in the bowel. Gastric and oesophageal mucosal lesions are optimally removed en-bloc for accurate histology and complete resection. The ‘Speedboat-RS2’ cuts in forward, lateral and oblique planes using bipolar radio frequency (RF) cutting, provides haemostasis with microwave coagulation and incorporates a retractable needle for submucosal injection and tissue irrigation. The instrument blade has an insulated ‘hull’ to prevent thermal injury to the muscularis propria and the device catheter is partially torque stable allowing rotation and orientation of the hull parallel to the muscle layer. This initial evaluation of “Speedboat-RS2” in the upper GI tract suggests that it facilitates rapid and safe en-bloc mucosal resection in the oesophagus and stomach. It also appears promising for safe and rapid submucosal tunnelling in the oesophagus and has potential to be utilised for POEM. The use of Speedboat RS2 “reduces the risks associated with incisions, which are necessary for laparoscopic procedures and can reduce the length of hospital stay,” the company stated, noting that this is due to its ability to coagulate bleeding vessels with its microwave energy, and to cut or resect with that energy, with minimal risk of puncturing surrounding tissue. The device has a number of features, including: Its ability to maintain submucosal lift with an integrated injection needle, with no instrument changes required 1. Bipolar radiofrequency cutting for precise lateral and forward dissection 2. Microwave coagulation, providing controlled hemostasis 3. A protective hull, reducing risk of muscle damage 4. An optimized shaft design, enabling controlled rotation Endoscopy has been a rapidly expanding practice due to the advent of colorectal cancer screening in most healthcare systems. This has driven growth in equipment and devices to enhance the ability to screen and detect early stage and pre-cancerous lesions in the GI tract.

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