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An innovative device and method for controllable cervical dilation
Tue - January 3, 2017 4:45 am  |  Article Hits:2974  |  A+ | a-
Until now, there have been primarily two techniques for dilating the cervix. The first technique is the insertion of laminaria (dry, sterile seaweed) into the cervix. When laminaria comes into contact with body fluids, it expands and enlarges the opening of the cervix. Often, this process requires two patient visits and approximately 10-12 hours for sufficient dilation to occur. The second technique, referred to as Hegar dilation, involves the insertion and removal of metal rods that are graduated in increasing diameter. This process is painful, requiring the use of anesthesia, and is associated with a risk of uterine and cervix damage (cervical incompetence). Aqueduct-100 cervical dilator is a triple-balloon catheter that enables a controlled radial dilation of the cervix to a predetermined diameter. Aqueduct -100 combines the benefits of laminaria and Hegar Rods (the current methods) through lower risk of uterine perforation, lower rate of cervical incompetence, elimination of need for general anesthesia, and reduced number of patient visits. The catheter, with its balloons deflated is inserted through the cervix into the uterus. An anchoring balloon is inflated in order to fix the catheter in place. Two elongated dilating balloons are then inflated simultaneously at each end of the cervical canal (internal and external os). In the next stage, saline solution is injected into the cervical canal between the two dilating balloons. The inflated balloons stay in the cervical canal for 3 or 5 minutes. For catheter removal, the balloons are deflated, and the catheter removed in preparation for the intrauterine procedure.

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