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Auto Suturing Laparoscopic Trocar for Port Wound
Wed - December 28, 2016 9:16 am  |  Article Hits:2677  |  A+ | a-
An innovative trocar with an integrated closure system aids suturing of abdominal wall incisions during laparoscopic surgical procedures. The TroClose1200 provides surgeons with a double functionality; the device acts both as a trocar, through which surgical instruments enter the abdomen at the start of the procedure, and as a device to close internal incisions made during surgery. But instead of inserting the sutures in a time-consuming process at the end of the procedure, the device uses a uniquely designed release mechanism, with the sutures inserted into the tissue at the beginning of the procedure, remaining place throughout the operation, and closed almost automatically upon removal of the device. This all-in-one device thus provides a secure fascia closure that simplifies and improves laparoscopic procedures. It requires only minimal training, and saves both physician and operating room (OR) time, and also facilitates closing ports that are not currently sutured due to their technical complexity. The device is compatible with all types of trocars: bladed/bladeless, disposable/multiuse, and others. The TroClose1200 is a product of Gordian Surgical (Misgav, Israel), and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “Gordian's TroClose is a very effective system, easy to use and especially useful for younger surgeons, as the learning curve is very short,” said Professor Michel Vix, MD, head of the bariatric and metabolic surgery unit at University Hospital of Strasbourg (France). “TroClose has significant advantages over other gold standard closure devices on the market. Indeed, there is definitely a place for this product in the market.” While laparoscopic procedures present a less invasive alternative to open surgeries, they often require as many as five ports, ranging in size from 5 to 15 millimeters; larger ports require closing the fascia, as incomplete or insufficient closure can lead to hernias at the trocar site. Current closure procedures involve manually closing the fascia or using a dedicated closure device.

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