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Percuvance percutaneous surgical system for Minimal Access Surgery
Fri - November 4, 2016 7:32 am  |  Article Hits:1599  |  A+ | a-
A novel surgical system allows surgeons to perform laparoscopic procedures using a smaller incision site than traditional laparoscopic surgery devices. The second-generation Percuvance percutaneous surgical system offers a wide variety of instrument configurations, with reusable handles and seven disposable 5 mm interchangeable tool tips. These include graspers, scissors, dissector, electrocautery tools, and the Weck Hem-o-lok polymer ligation clip applier. The system also offers a less invasive percutaneous insertion method into the patient, without the use of an invasive trocar. It also enables surgeons to eliminate one or more additional trocars from their laparoscopic procedures. The second-generation system is even less invasive than the first-generation system; while only 2.9 mm in diameter, it still delivers the performance and versatility of 5 mm laparoscopic devices in common and advanced general laparoscopic procedures, including cholecystectomy, upper gastrointestinal, gastric, bariatric, colorectal, and hernia interventions. The system is complemented by the MiniLap percutaneous surgical system, an integrated, disposable 2.3 mm device that like the Percuvance percutaneous surgical system, does not require a trocar. Additional benefits of the system include a short operator learning curve, few adjustments to the surgeons’ current techniques, and the cost savings associated with capital, service, and fully disposable technologies. The second-generation Percuvance and MiniLap percutaneous surgical system are products of Teleflex (Limerick, PA, USA), and have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “Our second-generation Percuvance system represents a significant advancement in the ongoing and perpetual evolution of minimally invasive surgery, and is demonstrative of Teleflex’s unwavering commitment to innovation,” said John Tushar, president and general manager of Teleflex Surgical. “We are encouraged by surgeons’ enthusiastic response to our percutaneous surgical devices and are optimistic the new Percuvance System will become a new standard of care in laparoscopic surgery.” “No matter what the surgery, patients generally prefer and are more satisfied with smaller incisions,” said Chan Park, MD, of the Duke University (Durham, NC, USA) Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery. “The development of new options for less invasive surgery that may also minimize discomfort for patients always represents a step forward in clinical care.”

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