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The Resolution 360 Clip for GI endoscopy to stop bleeding
Fri - November 4, 2016 7:20 am  |  Article Hits:2391  |  A+ | a-
A new tool improves hemostatic clipping procedures during gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy, helping to prevent and halt bleeding. The Resolution 360 Clip is intended for placement within the GI tract for the endoscopic marking and hemostasis during treatment of mucosal and sub-mucosal defects such as peptic ulcers, polyps, and diverticulosis of the colon. The pre-loaded, radiopaque, single-use clip consists of stainless steel capsule and clip arms, a chrome-cobalt yoke, and a styrene tension breaker. The clip jaws are engineered so that they can be opened and closed up to five times prior to deployment, aiding in precise positioning of the clip at the lesion site. A key feature is a 32-wire braided catheter that enables rotation in small, controlled movements in both directions, enabling the clip to be more accurately placed at the intended site. A rotation control knob built into the ergonomic handle provides tactile and deployment feedback for 1:1 controlled rotation while maintaining the handle in check, thus preserving clip angulation during controlled placement in tortuous anatomy. The Resolution 360 Clip is a product of Boston Scientific (Natick, MA, USA), and is available in 155cm and 235cm working lengths. “We are always striving to improve our technology so that physicians have the tools they need to diagnose and treat gastrointestinal disease more easily and effectively,” said Art Butcher, senior VP and president of endoscopy at Boston Scientific. “Building on the legacy Resolution Clip and its clinically proven technology, the expanded portfolio now offers physicians more hemostatic clipping options to consider in different clinical situations and patient anatomies.” “The Resolution 360 Clip gives me the unique advantage of controlling the movement and placement of the clip, while also maneuvering the scope during the clipping procedure,” said David Carr-Locke, MD, chief of the division of digestive diseases at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center (New York, NY, USA). “The ability to have complete control can help improve the accuracy of clip placement and the speed of the procedure, particularly in complex cases.”

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