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When Doctor's Medical Registration Cancelled?
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Dr Arunbala Khurana - May 24th, 2014 10:07 am.
Dr Arunbala Khurana
Dr Arunbala Khurana
Dear Sir,

I want to know what are the condition in which one registered medical practitioner can get his medical registration cancelled. The reason why I am asking is that way we should be careful. Most of the Doctors has less knowledge about the Medico-Legal aspects and definitely this Medico-legal Forum of World Laparoscopy Hospital will go a long way in helping both patients and doctors.


Dr. Arunbala Khurana
re: When Doctor's Medical Registration Cancelled? by Aditya Rajeshwar - May 24th, 2014 10:21 am
Aditya Rajeshwar
Aditya Rajeshwar
Dear Dr Khurana

Your question is very good and it will help many doctors to know what they should not do?

Any criminal offence can make the Doctor lose their licence to practice medicine in any state or the country as a whole. Permission to practice medicine can be revoked by the state or Indian Medical Council when the Doctor fails to meet certain standards as given below:

1. Dishonorable, unethical or inexpert conduct of the personality seemingly to deceive, diddle or damage the general public or society as a whole
2. Fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation in fees
3. Habitual or excessive use of medicine (Specially Narcotics)
4. Allowing another person to make use of his or her license
5. Limitation by another state in relevance license
6. Violation associated with a provision from the practice Act
7. Certain sharing of skilled fees which is completely not in the favor of patient
8. Violation of probation or restrictions obligatory by Medical Disciplinary Board
9. Prescribing, selling, or administering of controlled substances for apart from medically accepted therapeutic functions
10. Exploitative promotion of medicine and medical devices
11. Treatment of malady by secret strategies
12. Immoral behavior, together with sexual misconduct
13. Falsification of records
14. Willful deceit of medical records of a patient
15. Failure to file records for legal purposes
16. Causing ill-treatment purposefully
17. Solicitation of skilled patronage
18. Gross and willful overcharging and profiteering
19. Practice below a false or wrong name
20. Fraud in application for license
21. False or dishonorable statements associated with ability or the effectiveness or price of a drugs, treatment, or remedy
22. Performing associate abortion throughout a manner unlike law
23. Performing abortion throughout a girl not pregnant at the time
24. Conviction of the crime
25. Gross negligence to the patient which is completely irrational

These are the most common cause of a doctor to lose their licence to practice medicine.

With regard

A. Rajeshwar
re: When Doctor's Medical Registration Cancelled? by Ankita Thakur - May 26th, 2014 7:53 am
Ankita Thakur
Ankita Thakur
Cancellation of medical registration of a MBBS doctor is rare. It happens generally in extreme cases
re: When Doctor's Medical Registration Cancelled? by Stiven - May 27th, 2014 1:31 pm
Doctors are very vulnerable nowadays. You have to protect yourself and serve others. No any other profession of world is that much risky.
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