Medical Tourism in India


In the modern times, the Indian economy has seen much growth due to the emergence of Medical tourism as an Industry in India. This happens to be one of the most established and fastest growing Industries in the present decade. With so many benefits available to the foreign patients the medical industry is well poised to give great solutions to any of the health problems faced by them. The cost of even the most difficult surgical procedures is available at a fraction of the cost that has to be spent in most of the western countries.

The medical tourism industry in India is fast growing and is expected to yield more than $ 2.2 billion dollars as annual revenue during the next couple of years. The advantages that are available to foreign tourists are the world class state of the art medical centers with highly trained and experienced doctors, with the latest technology backed up by skilled medical staffs at very cheap medical costs. This is made more attractive to the visitors by the opportunity to visit some of the incredible places on the Earth as tourist attractions.

The concept of combining medical treatment with sightseeing is becoming very popular among the tourists from some of the countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Canada, Japan etc. The healthcare solutions that are available in India become more attractive to those in these and other countries due to the most expensiveness and lack of facilities in these countries. Unlike in India a patient with an urgent medical condition has to go through long waits, frantic searches for able doctors, compulsion to have insurance, and unaffordable high hospital bills.

The recent developments in India especially in the field of medical field and the emergence of large corporate hospitals with world class facilities� has put India as the most likely destination for reliable and cost effective medical solutions. The joy of combining the medical treatment with the sight- seeing becomes more attractive to those who come to India on medical tourism as the cost of the treatment comes further down due to the ability to stay in India for sufficiently longer times and visit many of the world renowned tourist places in this great country.


The growth in the medical tourism in India is further strengthened by a world class hospitality industry and well connected air transport system that makes it possible for the foreign patients to arrive comfortably as well as stay and enjoy their time while in India. Due to this both the healthcare and the tourism industry are benefited much and both are offering the best to their customers with high degree of professionalism. India happens to be one of the top 5 favorite destinations for tourists who are coming to India from over 130 countries around the Globe. The Indian system of medicine has many solutions even to some of the gravest medical conditions and the traditional Indian medicine can be the best way to treat many of the medical conditions.

This adds to the attraction of the foreign visitors and we can see many thousands of them coming to India for solving their medical problems relating to heart surgery, coronary bypass, cosmetic surgery dental care, kidney diseases including Kidney transplant etc. Indian is well known for its rich traditional alternative Medical treatments like Siddha, Ayurveda also. �

So, do not hesitate to come to India not only for treatment but also as a way of enjoying this great country coupled with a well spent vacation full of wellness and rejuvenation.


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