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Laparoscopic Surgery Training Batch January 2023 Convocation
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World Laparoscopy Hospital is a world-renowned academic medical center and was established to ensure the highest standard of training, treatment, and research in laparoscopic and robotic surgery. World Laparoscopy Hospital is NABH accredited hospital and has been the center of excellence in laparoscopic surgery for more than 23 Years. More than 11000 surgeons and gynecologists have been awarded Government Recognized University Fellowship and Diplomas in laparoscopic surgery by this international institute.

World Laparoscopy Hospital has laparoscopic training Fellowship and Diploma batches every month from the 1st of the month. Where the lecture and orientation talks were convinced all topics were covered in a concise and complete manner. In this course, all the concepts are explained in a crystal clear manner. All the components of the course like real lab training and live OT cases were amazed in a perfect manner to improve skills in a stepwise manner.

WLH Dubai Institute is situated in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City and has an educational license by Dubai Health Care Regulatory to ensure compliance and enforcement of international quality standards. WLH US Institute is situated in Celebration, Orlando, where apart from learning laparoscopy, you can explore endless entertainment, and where fantasy becomes a reality. Disney World is considered as World’s Most Magical Celebration Place, and for anyone memories of this place last forever. This Internationally renowned Institute of Minimal Access Surgery in the USA, has an outstanding pool of doctors, scientists, and researchers to foster multidisciplinary investigation, inspiring new ideas and discoveries.

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World Laparoscopy Training Institute
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 USA : +1 321 250 7653
Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty
Nov 8th, 2023 9:02 am
The Laparoscopic Surgery Training Batch of January 2023 Convocation article was an insightful and informative read. It provided a comprehensive overview of the graduation ceremony, highlighting the achievements and skills of the participants. The article conveyed the significance of laparoscopic surgery training and its positive impact on healthcare. It was a great source of inspiration for aspiring surgeons and a testament to the program's success.
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