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Once you will be Alumni of World Laparoscopy Hospital we will create your account of prescription writing software developed by World Laparoscopy Hospital and hosted on dedicated server of World Laparoscopy Hospital. Surgeons and Gynecologists trained at World Laparoscopy Hospital can write everything they want with only few Clicks of mouse. Prescription writing software is an online based Patient and Prescription Management System which is very useful for doctors. It has very easy user interface to understand how to operate. Doctor can manage there patient medical history to provide better treatment, and also generate computerized prescription from prescription template or previous prescriptions or typing by hand.Get Automatic Prescription, Diet Chart, Exercise Handouts with beautiful Exercise Position Pictures, Appointment Schedule, Automatic Consent Form and OT Note. World's most advanced Prescription Writing Software for every doctor of any specialization and a must having software for every hospital. With OLE function you can draw the sketch of pathology on the organs and get this picture printed on your prescription. Scan the USG or ECG or X-ray of the patient and get a beautiful small picture of those documents printed on one specified small area of prescription. Keep the videos and picture file of patients in database for future references. This software is part of a series of research, teaching tools and study material developed at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurugram, NCR Delhi. This is the first and only one available automatic prescription writing software in the world for the managements of outdoor as well as indoor patients for every specialist and even general physicians. Easy customizable and fully scientific software developed by an expert master laparoscopic surgeon.


You are a high-tech physician or surgeon and when your prescription is handwritten it looks notorious for often being illegible. Our Automatic Prescription writing software is developed by Pioneer Laparoscopic Surgeon Prof. R.K. Mishra is so easy to learn and use, you will quickly be able to generate legible high quality prescription, patient consent, Postoperative note, discharge card and medical certificates, Diet Chart, Exercise Handouts by only few clicks, saving you TIME and MONEY! Write a safe, fool-proof, first rate prescription with total confidence. The software is so user friendly & fast that one can write a prescription under few clicks of mouse. You don't even need a pen to write your prescription. The complete automatic prescription can be produce in as low as three click of mouse. All the data of your patient is saved automatically in database.

Facility to mold the database program according to your own needs and wishes through various Package Control options weather it is outward appearance or main database of Form, Report, Discharge Card and O.T. Note. Ability to search the ideal drug for a patient through advanced search options. Ability to keep record of every visits of individual patient in chronological order. Facility to take print-out of various dietary advices after each surgery, exercises, dos & don't hand outs for patient education after any surgery.

Prescription Renewals can be quickly generated from previous prescriptions or from previously prescribed medications. Facility even to make your favorite readymade prescription for the patient and disease you encounter every day. Status of patient preoperative and postoperative tests is automatically available. Surgeon can even insert the pictorial findings taken during examination in his prescriptions with the help of this software. The Prescription discharge card and OT note generated by this software is completely error free and there is no drug interaction error will occur if the surgeon will use this software.

Extra features include the ability to generate reports and letters on-the-fly. Even you can edit the header and footer style according to your design and according to your words and you can use it even for your OPD prescription writing History taking and Hospital Data Managements. This software can create prescription with as few as three keystrokes of mouse. Most of the postoperative general advice, dietary advice and medications will be pre-defined, with the ability to add on-the-fly. In this outstanding software developed by Prof. Mishra complete drugs & brands information, an exhaustive list of diseases with differential diagnosis, disease related list of investigations necessary along with their interpretation, plus facility to store patient's full information. Facility to take print-outs of patient records, paint and brush facility on board to draw the abdominal lump or gall bladder lump or fibroid on the prescription or chest lesion can be drawn on lungs of the patient. Maintain day-to-day income & accounts, medical certificates and other certificates, x-ray reports and surgical videos to make the software useful for writing prescriptions.

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