Laparoscopic Assisted Colonoscopy


Laparoscopy has brought in many new advances to the operating table, and this is giving many benefits to the patients. One of the best ways to remove colon polyps is by performing laparoscopic assisted colonoscopy. This is a surgical method that combines the two techniques used for removing precancerous polyps while performing colonoscopies. This surgical procedure is becoming more popular due to the numerous benefits that are available both to the patients as well as the surgeons.

Laparoscopy being the new way of doing surgeries gives the surgeons the ability to see and do the surgical procedures that is not possible with other forms of conventional surgical methods. The use of the most modern tools in the Laparoscopy field consisting of more specialized trcohars and pin hole cameras is giving the surgeons the ability to reach even the places that are very hard to reach inside the human body in a minimum invasive way. This makes the surgery easy to manage both for the surgeons as well a the patients.


When a patient is recommended for colonoscopy it is natural for him to expect to have a long incision and open wounds at the site of the surgery. But with the advent of the laparoscopy now it is possible to do the procedure with pin- holes and inserting the laparoscopy tools inside the body and see the nature and extent of growth of polyps and decide about the best way to remove them. In western countries like the USA, the laparoscopy assisted Colonoscopy is widely in use due to the short recovery periods that has brought down the length of the hospital stays. This system of surgery alone is giving the health care industry millions of dollars in savings. This is the case with other countries and the patients are able to make substantial savings while undergoing this system of surgical procedures.


The main advantage of the laparoscopic assisted colonoscopy is that it can be done in a very minimal invasive manner with the capability to remove just the polyps. When this procedure is done in the traditional way the surgeon uses the laparoscopic method to reach the portion of the colon that has the polyps and then remove it entirely. But when it is done with the help of laparoscopy assisted colonoscopy the technique uses an endoscopy with the laparoscopy and this helps the surgeon to find and isolate the polyps alone that can be removed easily without harming the portion of the colon that had the polyps.

Thus, the laparoscopy assisted colonoscopy is now able to be used for effective removal of colon polyps and this procedure is able to be completed in an easy way with lesser time at the operating table.� They had very less blood loss and were able to be managed with lesser amount of IV fluid. After the completion of the surgery the patients were able to return to solid diet in less than two days. These advantages are proving very useful and beneficial to the patients who undergo laparoscopy assisted colonoscopy.


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