Frequently Asked Question About Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery

What is Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery?

Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that does not require the use of gas (carbon dioxide) during the procedure. Surgeons used to introduce a gas inside the person’s body to be able to have a better visualization on the part that needs to be operated. However, after realizing that there are many unfavorable effects using the conventional laparoscopic method, doctors found a way to get rid of the gas and still end up with a successful operation.

Gasless Laparoscopy

What are the aims of this procedure?

With Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery procedure, gas loss will be prevented because there is no gas used. The removal of specimen and suction can also be performed with ease. Most importantly, this also prevents the risks associated with the introduction of carbon dioxide to the patient’s body.

Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery

Why is gasless more preferable than the conventional laparoscopic procedure?

The insufflation of the abdominal cavity with gas (carbon dioxide) poses a lot of health hazards to the patient especially in patient with previous cardiopulmonary diseases. Though CO2 is useful because this may help the surgeon to have a clearer view of the field and have enough space to work, this will have a negative effect on the patient’s health. We know for a fact that increased carbon dioxide content will cause acidosis to the vital organs of the body. The introduction of gas may also lead to pulmonary embolism, lower coronary blood supply and poor kidney perfusion or even emphysema that result from accumulation of carbon dioxide on the skin’s subcutaneous tissues. In worse cases, accumulation of carbonic acid can lead to kidney failure or even heart attack. On the other hand, the introduction of carbon dioxide can also cause reduction in the patient’s body temperature because of the cold gas. Moreover, postoperative pain on the neck that radiates from the shoulder region has been reported after the conventional laparoscopic procedure. It is believed that this is an effect of the pressure that builds up in the abdominal cavity after carbon dioxide has been introduced.

What are the Advantages of using gasless laparoscopic surgery?

When surgeons employ a gasless procedure, they have the advantage of using simple surgical instruments and valveless trocars. This means that the doctor can use the same surgical instruments used in open surgery with this procedure. One can also do unlimited suction without a loss of exposure. An increased ventilation pressure upon the induction of anesthesia is no longer needed.

Is this Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery procedure effective?

A lot of gasless laparoscopic surgeries have been done and majority of them came out to be successful. Many opt for this procedure because aside from its effectiveness, it is more affordable compared to the conventional laparoscopic method as well.

What is the effect of using gasless laparoscopic surgery on patients with cancer?

According to JAMA Network journals, a study was conducted on rats to determine if the gasless laparoscopic surgical technique will help prevent metastasis of cancer cells after the procedure. It was found out that the gasless technique reduced wound metastasis after the surgical procedure. Hence, this method can be beneficial among patients who have cancer illnesses.

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