Future of Laparoscopic Surgery is Robotic Surgery


The world was not made in a day and it was not god who first sowed the seed of life, then what exactly led to the birth of this generation and demolition of our ancestors? Science has it all, from big bang to evolution, it has progressed step by step, first slowly and then, all at once, medical science, included. So here we have transcended into an era where we discuss techniques of accomplishing the daunting tasks of minimal invasive surgeries, with lucidity.

One of such surgeries is the laparoscopic one where, the invasion into the patient's body is kept to minimum in order to limit the chances of any kind of allergic reaction or unnerving. Laparoscope is basically a camera which is used to get detailed and enhanced images of the concerned areas or organs, under observation, that is. The technique starts by inflating the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas, inflating organs under observation gives a broader space to work on and better visualization of the insides, to the surgeons. And the images so captured by the laparoscopic cameras are displayed on a big screen, making the task easier and more effectual for surgeons.

Robotic surgery is another type of minimum invasive technique, where the doctors operate a robot, which in return operates the patient but that it does with the god's precision. Placing the camera inside the patient's body and getting 3D close up images on a high definition monitor makes the work simpler and more superior. Earlier, large incision technologies were fervently in practice but with the advancement in technology, laparoscopy and Robotic techniques found direct routes into the operation theaters. Both the techniques use small incisions to perform all their surgical operations, but, Robotic surgery, in a sense, is a few steps ahead of the Laparoscopic one, in technology. The Laparoscopic technique does involve high resolution monitors, enormous images and doctors' hard work but lacks the robotic precised cuts made in the Robotic technique. While, the Robotic surgeries encompasses 3D images, high resolution monitors, doctors' hard work and a Robot as well, which gives this technology an upper hand over the former one, as this method fixes all the issues of obtaining precision.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery

The other advantage of Robotic surgery over the Laparoscopic surgery is the recovery time, which is negligent in the case of Robotic surgery when is compared to the latter one. A patient who undergoes Robotic surgery recovers at a jumbo pace and does not need to stand the immense post operational discomforts.

In laparoscopic technique the doctor is more concerned of his camera, which might can divert his attention from the patient at hand. Whereas, in the Robotic surgery, the camera is very well placed in the patient's body, beforehand which allows the doctor to use both his hands on the robot, freely. This gives the doctor the liberty to operate with exactness and care. The Robotic hands make sure to traverse a minimal required distance which is not the case in traditional hand operating techniques, where a slight languid wave of the hand could prove out to be catastrophic.

Dovetailing medicine with Robotics and computers is definitely the way forward. When a surgery is assisted by a computer or a computer processed Robot, the results obtained are closer to perfection and extremely apropos. The Robot is orchestrated by a Surgeon, who controls the working of the Robot by observing the 3D images of the affected areas. Why these methods would be commended in future is because the Robots puts incisions with an extreme precision, which means that a cut of .5 mm won't exceed the .5 mm margin and would cause the minimal pain.

Robotic surgery

The normal methods of surgery would be definitely replaced by these new methods, in the coming future, though a lot of resources and a lot of money would be needing to build up and install these machineries, worldwide. But still, I do think that these technologies will be highly in demand in the coming future. The positives that come with Laparoscopic surgeries are innumerable. In the case of normal surgeries the patient takes time in recovering and the post operational pains are unbearable while, through laparoscopy the recovery period would be lesser and even the pain would lessen down, this will give patients a huge relief, specifically to those who are wanting a liver transplant or an abdominal surgery. Such a results would be highly appreciated and would be asked for, in the near future.

A lot of patient's money get minted away in visiting hospitals, sometimes for the kind of treatments, that run year in and year out, sometimes for alleviating post operational pains, sometimes for the blunders done by the doctors themselves and sometimes the patients are misled and strayed by the doctors for roping in extra money. Such issues will be totally decimated with the introduction of these new technologies, as they are computerized and mechanically operated, therefore, incidental mistakes won't be a part of our future surgeries, not even then when the doctor would be feeling tired or fatigued.

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