Free Surgery for Poor

Free Surgery for Poor

The surgical care for the poor is an important task, yet a task worthy of every ounce of our collective effort and energy. No one person, no one country can have the answers that if minimal access surgery is more important for the poor why government is not serious.

It is vital for all minimal access surgeons from all spheres of specialization in the developing world from Professors to village doctors, as also those from all developed areas pool their concerns in this effort. If success of a surgeon or gynecologist is defined not by what one has attained but by the effort made in overcoming obstacles to help poor, just our sincere efforts in this cause to help poor and needy would be by far the greatest triumph.


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The ultimate success story in the art and science of surgery - to ensure basic laparoscoic surgical care for all the poor.

Free Surgery for Poor

The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.

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Free Surgery for Poor

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Free Laparoscopic Surgery for Poor

"To serve the poor is our mission," "Medical services provided is completely free" and "Quality that we give to the poor patient should not be inferior to that a rich man can get".

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