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Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Sarah Estrella - Dec 19th, 2013 1:09 am.
Sarah Estrella
Sarah Estrella
I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 1996, 2yrs after my first daughter was born. I did not have insurance and money to go back to the doctor. I then had my 2nd child in 1997 and I have had severe menstrual pains & heavy bleeding since I started my cycle at age 13. I have severe pain in my abdominal area and stomach and lower back to mid back including burning and I have had problems with my bowls, constipation, and I can feel them moving and twisting like a garden hose knotted up inside me and it swells my stomach and makes me immobile till I rub my belly and push downward and even then it is extremely painful for that moment. I have not worked but maybe 6months out of the past 2 yrs due to these pains and fatigue and I feel very depressed and emotional most times without reasoning and I feel it is like pms all month up till I have my cycle. I do not have normal periods since I was 13. For the past 4 yrs off and on I will have 2 periods a month with all of these pains and symptoms during and between. I do not know what to do or where to go to get help. I have stayed with family or friend for the past 3 yrs just trying to survive with temporary employment here & there. I want to work I need to work I want to stop hurting 25 days out of the month and I do not even know what stage my endometriosis is in since I have not seen a doctor for it since I was diagnosed. I did however go to the emergency rm in 2000 & the result was I had Dysplasia on my cervix and I went to a doctor and had cryosurgery performed. I did not return for my check up due to not having medical insc. or money to pay for the visit. I do not know if the cryosurgery was 100% successful or if I still have dysplasia .. bottom line I am in severe pain and suffering most every day and I do not have money to go to a doctor to get any tests or treatments for these pains. I do not know if it is the growth of the endometriosis that is affecting my bowls but it is getting worse, and it scares me when I try to excersize I feel them twist up and push up high toward my ribs and it is very very painful. I do not know if this endometriosis has any affect on my nerves or equilibrium but when the pain is in my spine and throughout my back I feel as though I have to fully focus and hold my feet in certain position to not sway back n forth and sometimes when I am walking I feel as though I am very off balance. I did not have any of these symptoms n pains before I had my first child only the severe periods and hormonal imbalance of emotions and severe abdominal n lower back pains. I am not sure if you can help me but I have been researching on line trying to find some kind of assistance to even just get to a doctor to be looked at and I come up with nothing each time and give up. My Great Grandmother died of ovarian cancer and my Grandmother had endometriosis & diabetes same as my Mother whom is now dying from kidney failure and diabetes and she did have endometriosis symptoms but it was never taken care of and My Aunt passed away 5yrs ago of breast cancer and she was a sufferer of endometriosis, I just found out these medical facts from my Mother on our last visit at the hospital and I am terrified that the endometriosis could be the cause of all of my other symptoms of severe pain in my body and I do not know where to go for help . Please if you can help me or point me in the right direction of medical assistance I have no means for paying for anything and this is why I have been bouncing from home to home in pain for these past 3yrs. I have been looking for work for a week now due to the fact I can not continue to live in my brothers home without an income but he is not understand the severity of my pains and how they affect my body and moods every single day. I do want to not suffer n hurt anymore so I can work so I can wake up and not have pains that come n go throughout my days. I feel as though I am lucky to have maybe one week of a month without any symptoms I have described throughout my body but the one symptom that is daily is my bowls feeling as though they are inflamed and in knots inside me moving n pushing painfully upward and the lower back pain pursists with these pains. Please if you can help me? God Bless
re: Endometriosis by Dr J S Chowhan - Jan 12th, 2014 8:27 pm
Dr J S Chowhan
Dr J S Chowhan
Dear Estrella

You need few investigations followed by laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. Even the medical treatment of endometriosis can be tried but for that you should be in continuous contact and follow-up under any gynaecologist.

Please try to boost up your confidence and try to have faith on your doctor.

If you can come to India we can help you to get some economical surgery.
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