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Right testicle pain and bilatera ingunal hernia
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by gaurav - Apr 13th, 2012 5:04 pm.
Hi Doctor,

I have been advised since an year that I have a small right side ingunal hernia as well as a minute left side ingunal hernia. Yesterday I after working in the office for 8 hrs i had right side mild testicle pain. I am just delayng my operation. Is the testicle pain due to hernia. After staying for a while the testicle pain went away and came back next day after work at the same right spot. Its not unbearable pain but i am scared. Is it due to hernia? Shall I get the operation done soon? Shall I get operated both side or just one side.Please advice? The right ride hernia is bigger than the left hernia and since two days the testicle pain occured.It comes in and goes away after work/sitting for long hours. Please advise
re: Right testicle pain and bilatera ingunal hernia by Dr M. K. Gupta - Apr 15th, 2012 2:36 am
Dr M. K. Gupta
Dr M. K. Gupta
Dear Gaurav

In case of bilateral hernia surgery you should must get it operated both the sides of hernia at the same time.

A hernia is a weakness or defect within the abdominal wall. It might be present from birth, or develop during a period of time. If the defect is big enough, abdominal contents such as the bowels, may protrude with the defect causing a lump or bulge gone through by the individual. Hernias develop at certain sites that have a natural tendency to be weak; the groin, umbilicus, and former surgical incisions.

The standard method of hernia repair involves making a cut within the abdominal wall. Normal healthy tissues are cut until the section of weakness is located. This area, the hernia, will be repaired with sutures. Often a prosthetic material such as Gore-Tex, or any other plastic material, is sutured in place to bolster the area of weakness. Finally, the skin and other healthy tissues which were cut at the start are sutured back together to complete the repair.

When a hernia is promoting, it'll tend to enlarge and cause discomfort. If a loop of bowel gets caught in the hernia, it may become obstructed or its blood supply might be cut off. This might then be a life-threatening situation. Since hernias could be repaired effectively and with minimal risk, most surgeons therefore suggest that hernias be repaired when diagnosed, unless there's serious condition which makes it too risky.

The laparoscopic repair has some striking advantages. Because the incisions designed for the repair are extremely small, recovery in the repair is very rapid; most sufferers have minimal pain and go back to normal activities in less that the week. This difference is especially great for patients with bilateral hernias (both right and left sides). With the laparoscopic repair, both sides could be fixed at the same time with no additional incisions, and minimum additional discomfort. Patients with recurrent hernias are also good candidates for that laparoscopic repair, since the standard repair for recurrent hernias may have a higher risk of complications for example re-recurrence, nerve injury, and injury to the blood supply from the testicle.

With regards

M.K. Gupta
re: Right testicle pain and bilatera ingunal hernia by Andressa - Jul 10th, 2012 12:39 am
Anything that would be strong enguoh to dissolve a gallstone would not be very good for the rest of you, don't you think? As a matter of fact, there is a medication that will dissolve gallstones if they are made of cholesterol. BUT (before you cancel the surgery!) you will have to take it for a year to work. During that year, you have to follow a very very low fat diet, and have regular ultrasounds to monitor the stones to see they do actually dissolve. You will also have to have regular blood tests to keep tabs on your liver function. Of course, any time during that year, a stone can still slip in to block the ducts, and you will suffer another gallbladder attack. And if this isn't wonderful enguoh, although the medication does work, once you quit taking it, the stones most usually will return again- usually within a few years at best. And you will be back to square one again. Did I also mention the medicine isn't cheap either? Nope, it's not. Aside from this, there are no non-prescription treatments that are effective, honestly. You need to understand what kind of stone you likely have, there are two, pigment and cholesterol. In the research you do, see if you can find the explaination about how cholesterol based stones form. You will see it's a matter of balance, in cholesterol, bilirubin and bile salts. You produce all three of those, and have to all the time- to maintain healthy digestion and function. So while you can possibly dissolve these stones, you will have done nothing to prevent new ones forming. At your age, you probably have some genetic factors counting against you, and that means you are more than likely going to continue to form stones as long as you have a gallbladder to form them in. On the other hand, the only change your surgery makes is that you won't have a gallbladder for storage. Everything will still be produced, just not stored anywhere. No storage means no place to make stones in. The major problem folks have post removal is that they can't quite do the everything fried meals. But honestly, you really shouldn't eat that much fat anyway. Should you decide to, okay, you will suffer diarrhea and some seriously stinky gas- but it's not fatal. What you won't suffer is the horrible pain of a gallbladder attack, ever again. And you will enjoy a much wider selection of food than you can if you are suffering repeated gallbladder attacks. You have the normal pre-op jitters, and you are rather young for this to happen. All the more reason to go ahead and take care of matters now. The surgery is really easy to recoup from now, and the scars are really nearly unnoticeable. Two small cuts, maybe two or three stitches a piece. You will be back on your feet the same day. In fact, if you have your surgery tomorrow morning, you can be home in bed by nighttime. You spend one day after feeling sluggish and bloated from the gas they expand the abdomen with- but that's about the worst of it. There's almost no pain to speak of really, most patients use Tylenol post op, or Motrin at the most. Inside three days you will be back to your old self and eating what you like pretty much. I wouldn't recommend a fried chicken dinner, but a nice grilled steak and baked potato will sound pretty good and should digest just fine. Go for the surgery, you'll be glad you did. Don't go looking for problems that haven't happened yet. Likely they will not, most times they don't. And believe me, if there were a medication that would work to cleanse the gallbladder, they would use it. But it's really hard to dissolve things and not kill off others at the same time. So chill, get some sleep, and part with the gallbladder in the am. It's really not that bad.
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