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Weight gain
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Aman - Jan 27th, 2012 8:28 pm.
I am 24 yrs old and my weight is 57 kgs and my height is 5 feet 8 inches. I want to increase my weight ASAP. Please suggest me some good weight gain supplement without any side effects without going to gym.
re: Weight gain by Dr M K Gupta - Feb 3rd, 2012 7:27 pm
Dr M K Gupta
Dr M K Gupta
Dear Aman

Figure out how many calories the body requires per day to keep your overall weight by calculating your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Find a calculator online or make use of the following equation (called the Mifflin-St Jeor equation):

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RMR = 9.99w + 6.25s - 4.92a + 166g-161

w = weight in kilograms; if you know unwanted weight in pounds, divide by 2.2 to get unwanted weight in kilograms
s = height in centimeters; knowing your height in inches, multiply by 2.54 to obtain your height in centimeters
a = age in years
g = gender = 1 for guys, 0 for women
Your daily consumption to maintain unwanted weight should be:[1] RMR x 1.15 (E.g. RMR = 2000, so the maintenance intake is 2000 x 1.15 = 2300)

Continue healthy dietCalculate the number of calories you need to consume daily to achieve weight. Add a minimum of 500 calories daily for your daily requirement. If you want 2300 calories a day to maintain your present weight, make an effort to consume 2800 calories daily. If you participate in any exercise, increase the calories to take into account the calories burned through exercise. For instance, a 130 lb. person who does 30 minutes of vigorous weight training burns approximately 180 calories. Tomorrow, he or she should consume 500 + 180 calories in addition to the daily requirement calculated in the earlier step.

Improve your eating habits. Aim for three large meals and 2-3 hefty snacks daily.[4] Drink shakes, milk, or juice instead of coffee, tea, or diet soda.[4] Focus on the following foods:

Breads - hearty and dense (whole wheat, oat bran, pumpernickel, rye) are more nutritious than white bread; cut thick slices and spread generously with peanut butter, jam, honey, hummus, or cream cheese.
Vegetables - search for starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas, corns, carrots, winter squash, beets) in addition to watery vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers).
Fruit - choose dense fruit (bananas, pears, apples, pineapple, dried fruit) over watery fruit (oranges, peaches, plums, berries, watermelon).
Soups - Go for hearty cream soups instead of broth-based soups. For those who have trouble with edema or hypertension you may want to avoid all store-bought soup.
Added oils - in cooking, give a generous amount of oil. The healthiest oils are unrefined (extra virgin) oils such as olive, coconut, canola, palm, and of course butter. The less healthy but nonetheless acceptable sources of oil are those full of omega-6 fatty acids (pro-inflammatory) such as safflower, sunflower, and peanut oils. The unhealthy oils are those containing trans fat for example shortening, and also the anti-nutrient-rich soybean oil (aka vegetable oil).
Spreads! - Spreading delicious calorie-rich toppings on toast, crackers, pita, and then any other carbohydrate source is a superb method to increase calorie intake. Good quality high-calorie spreads are guacamole, essential olive oil, cream cheese, hummus, butter, nut butters, sour cream, cheese slices, mayonnaise. Even better would be to mix these with shredded meats like chicken or fish.

Avoid unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Most important is to avoid trans fats, which increase your risk for disease. Foods which are full of trans fats are: pastry products, cakes, cookies, processed meats, margarine, shortening, and packaged snacks.

Weight train. This can not only help convert the extra calories into muscle rather than fat, however it will also stimulate your appetite. The additional muscle increases your metabolism, so you will need to consume more calories daily to maintain that weight. Throughout the first month of weight training, you might experience tremendous gains if you're faithful for your schedule. However, also expect this to level off after this initiatory period (This really is known within the bodybuilding world as a plateau). You overcome this by re-evaluating your weight and muscle tissue, while switching your diet to incorporate more food and heavier weights.

Eat more protein. Protein is important for body function to build and repair muscle tissues. If you don't consume enough protein from raw foods or protein supplements then putting on the weight and muscle building is going to be unachievable. Those looking to put on weight should consume a minimum of 1 gram of quality protein per pound of bodyweight.

Add nuts for your diet. Nuts really are a very convenient and a healthy snack so carry containers of nuts with you to eat through the days. Also Goat Milk is healthy along with a great way to achieve weight.

Try a nutritional supplement powder especially for the objective of gaining weight. Carefully research this to find one which you like which it will conveniently suit your lifestyle.
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