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re: EXCESSIVE FAT OVER ABDOMEN OF MY WIFE by Dr M.K. Gupta - Oct 3rd, 2011 9:23 pm
Dr M.K. Gupta
Dr M.K. Gupta

You did not mention the BMI of your wife. If her BMI is more than 35 with co-morbidity like arthritis then she is a good candidate of obesity surgery.

Obesity Surgery

Obesity is a disease characterised by extravagant body fat. People who are medically weighty usually are affected by doings, genetical and environmental genes that are hard to command with diet. Obesity increases the likelihood of certain diseases and other related unhealthiness.

Who is affected?.

What is the divergence between heavy and obese?.

Stages of corpulence are medically defined by body mass index (BODY MASS INDEX). An single with a BODY MASS INDEX of 25 to 29.9 is clinically classified as stoutness. A BODY MASS INDEX of 30 or more is classified as obese.

Fleshy individuals are also at risk for modernising ill health, such as heart disease, throw, diabetes, certain types of Crab, gouty arthritis (joint pain caused by spare uric acid) and gall bladder disease. Being adiposis can also cause troubles such as sleep apnea (off and on external respiration during sleep) and degenerative joint diseases (eating away of the joints).

Weight-loss can help improve the harmful effects of being heavy. However, many heavy peoples have difficultness handing their respectable body weight.

Body Mass Index (BODY MASS INDEX).

BODY MASS INDEX is a routine ciphered by separating a individuals weight unit in kgs by his or her top in meters feathered. BODY MASS INDEX is used in determining fleshiness.

Obesity is most normally computed using BODY MASS INDEX. An grownup with a BODY MASS INDEX of 30 or greater is clinically rotund. To decide your BODY MASS INDEX, please click here.

BODY MASS INDEX is not used to make up one's mind a someones real portion of body fat, but it is a good indicator to categorise weight unit in terms of what is healthy and unhealthy.

What are the health dangers associated with corpulency?.

There are more 30 medical experimentals condition that are associated with fleshiness. Individuals who are corpulent are at risk of modernizing one or more of these serious medical stipulations, causing poor wellness or, in severe cases, ahead of time death. In fact, more 112,000 yearly expiries are attributable to fleshiness. The most predominant obesity-related diseases include :.

High blood pressure.
High cholesterin.
Heart disease.
Gall bladder disease.
Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).
Degenerative joint disease.
Sleep apnea and respiratory problems.
Some cancers.

What causes fleshiness?.

Fleshiness is due to an individual taking in more smalls calorie than they bite over an extended time period. These special smalls calorie are stored as rich. Although there are several cistrons that can lead to this vigor asymmetry in corpulent individuals, the main contributors are behaviour, surround and genetics science.


In todays fast paced environs, it is easy to follow unhealthy behaviours. Behavior, in the case of fleshiness, relates to solid food picks, amount of physical activity you get and the effort to maintain your health. Based on solid food selections, many citizenries now take diets that are calorie-rich, but nutrient-poor. This behavioural trouble also relates to the step up in part sizes at home and when dining out.


Environment plays a fundamental part in forming an individuals habits and modus vivendi. There are many environmental influences that can bear on your wellness decisivenesses. Todays social club has developed a more sedentary life style. Walking has been superseded by driving autos, basic forcible activity has been supervened upon by engineering science and sustenance has been overcome by convenience foods.

Genetic science.

Scientific discipline shows that genetics science play a role in fleshiness. Genes can cause certain disorderlinesses which result in corpulency. However, not all individuals who are predisposed to corpulency become obese. Inquiry is currently underway to determine which factors kick in most to fleshiness.

What are the social upshots of corpulency?.

Someones touched on by fleshiness often look obstructions far beyond wellness dangers. Emotional hurt may be one of the most painful parts of corpulency. Guild often emphasises the importance of physical show. As a issue, peoples who are rotund often front bias or favoritism in the line market place, at school and in social billets.

Personal effects at Work.

Due to the negative stain associated with corpulency, corpulent employees are often viewed as less competent, lazy and lacking in self-discipline by their fellows worker and employers. Often times, prejudiced postures can negatively bear upon remunerations, promotions and engagement condition for rotund employees.

Finding out a line of work can also be a unmanageable project for an corpulent individual. Studies show that rotund appliers are less likely to be employed than thinner appliers, despite having selfsame chore reservations.

We can perform obesity surgery for your wife but before that she need to get examined by our doctors.

With regards

M.K. Gupta
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