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Name: Dr. Atieno Ochola
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Studying Assisted Reproductive Technology in the multicultural environment from the World Laparoscopy Hospital gave me the opportunity to challenge myself with different mindsets and cultures, connecting with and learning from other young professionals from all over the world.

The most valuable part of the course was the one-on-one time I got to spend with Dr. Rai Chowdhuri with all the tips/tricks/suggestions she was able to give me to improve my future ICSI success rates.
The knowledge that I acquired through the IVF training was not only by Hands-On Ovum Pickup and Embryo transfer but also in relevant group discussions within a challenging environment where I could always find support from the teaching team.

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Reply Thank you Dr. Atieno Ochola for the generous words. It is very thoughtful of you to acknowledge all that we could do. We appreciate it very much!

Team World Laparoscopy Hospital

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Posted on Friday - Sep 16, 2016
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Name: Dr. Atieno Ochola
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

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