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Name: Moatassim Barham Ismail El-Barham
Address: Amman Zip code=11941 Jordan
Before the course in Dec. 2010 , only I can do laparoscopic cholecystectomy . But now , I can do many laparoscopic operations skillfully like : cholecystectomy , appendectomy , TAPP , ovarian cystectomy , tubal ligation , ventral & paraumbilical hernias , adhesolysis , perforated DU , splenectomy , nephrectomy , funduplication & gastric banding . Thanks , thanks . I don`t know what can I do without this wonderful course . This is one of the best decisions in my life Clap
Reply: Many Many Thanks for your compliments!
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 17, 2011
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Name: Dr. Mamta Arora
Address: NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu Dhabi
Voltaire has said that Appreciation is a wonderful thing-It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. I am glad that I got an opportunity to learn & hone my skills for the FMAS recently. The course is quite intense & comprehensive, very well structured & organized in a very congenial atmosphere. The step-by-step illustrations by Prof Mishra & his ably aided team made the course a breeze through. I wish to thank all the WLH-Gurgaon for making my learning unforgettable & pleasurable.
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 13, 2011
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Address: Chandigarh, Punjab
I have never ever come across a teacher like Dr. R.K. Mishra. After coming from there i feel laparoscopy is so much more easier cause ,Dr Mishra tought us so systematically as a parent teaches the child how to walk.Now going through any laparoscopy book is so much more fun.Really his voice did the buddha,s work. Above all I came with a VISION.To contribute to the society and the world the way he does.I got a guru,a role model. Cheesy
Posted on: Tuesday - Jul 12, 2011
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Name: Dr Alex S
Address: Tripoli, Libya
I just want to say you guys really stand alone in that you have a quality laparoscopic internationally recognized training and you provide genuine post training support through your members area. It's sad but those qualities are seldom found separately, much less together in any other institute of the World. Dr Mishra is a great teacher Thanks again for your time and help. Clap Smiley Super
Posted on: Friday - Jul 1, 2011
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Name: Dr Aida Asimovic
Address: St Louis, MO 63129
For me World Laparoscopy Hospital is the best choice of training in minimal access surgery because it combines knowledge, “Hands On” virtues and add on skill creativity. For surgical students, implied knowledge is very useful. Besides this, it offers main sources and facilities for our future plans and achievements for our goals to become a better minimal access surgeon. The most important thing for us is that we are well prepared and know how to deal with most difficulties. Wink Super
Posted on: Friday - Jun 24, 2011
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Name: Dr. Coral L
Address: San Francisco
The Laparoscopic course conducted at World Laparoscopy Hospital gave me great insights. This will produce a different perspective in actual working conditions and I will be able to bring the learning towards the medical college and rest of my colleagues. Minimal Access Surgery has begun a brand new era in India. We, the people who are taking usability seriously and causeing this to be as a profession, may take advantage of this training. Clap Cheesy
Posted on: Saturday - Jun 18, 2011
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Name: Karlos Maldogni
Address: Malta
There is Great learning environment at World Laparoscopy Hospital. Interesting surgical skill. We learn many userful stuff here and enjoyed a lot. I really appreciate that the Prof. R. K. Mishra went out of their method to help us out and answer all our queries. It had been a great experience. Always conduct some refresher seminars/ training programs for past student at your institute. Smiley
Posted on: Saturday - Jun 18, 2011
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Name: Dr Rajshree Khullar
Address: Coimbatore, India
This can be a great training workshop, and it substantially enriched my knowledge. I will try and implement exactly the same within our surgical practice. It has also boosted my career profile. The instructors were very knowledgeable. The training program at World Laparoscopy Hospital had the right balance of relevant theoretical inputs and hands-on practical exercises. It had been well structured, researched, and documented. Cheesy
Posted on: Saturday - Jun 18, 2011
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Name: Prof. Steven
Address: Strasbug, France
Hello Mishra.

It's very professional looking website. Additionally you considered utilization of images versus Video so well with nice dedicated server for fast download time well. I try and check back again from time to time and if I might be of any kind of help, make sure you let me know. Best Regards, I wish the it should remain the best laparoscopic website in the world with positive results.

Cordially, Clap
Posted on: Friday - May 27, 2011
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Name: Dr. Gandsas
Dear Prof. Mishra
Great job about the establishment associated with World Laparoscopy Hospital. It is a great idea. It can create a first course technological conversation for a first class technical surgery. I was hoping that a person might get it done. You deserve the actual recognition of accomplishing it. Electronic communication will create a global scientific discussion board using the potential for mind blowing development of understanding. Wink
Posted on: Friday - May 27, 2011
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