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Name: dr. manzar ali
Address: Multan/Punjab/PAKISTAN
i am feeling much more confident after doing laparoscopic training at your institution and i learned alot from respected dr. MISHRA and really grateful to him and all his team as they r doing a great job.I being a Pakistani, all Indian colleagues cooperated a lot and i am thankful to all for this unforgettable love and i shared my experience with all my colleagues here. I will try my best to avail any opportunity to visit you in future.Miss you and love you always.take care
Posted on: Friday - Jun 15, 2012
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Name: Mohammad Ashgar
Address: Pocket B-8, Sector-4, Rohini - Delhi IN
I got my mothers operation done at World Laparoscopy Hospital. The doctors of this hospital is genius and skilled. The staff and junior doctors are all friendly and try to help where possible. The location of hospital is superb as if you are in USA, It is just 5 min drive from IGI airport. The metro stops at the other end of the main street Sikanderpur, so you can escape to the quieter places fairly easily. Plenty of places to eat and drink. I strongly recommend others to come here. - Ashgar Cheesy
Posted on: Friday - Jun 8, 2012
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Name: Karuna Sahgat
Address: 18/6 Nanak Nagar, Jammu, India
Words cannot describe what a nightmare this complete ordeal continues to be for me and my husband as I suffered for years with uterine fibroids. The impact psychologically as well as physically on my life was overwhelming to say the least. All of that is now behind us and our lives move forward, because of God and true professionals for example Dr. Mishra and his team. I got my hysterectomy done on May 8th, 2012, a day that we will invariably remember. I want to thank at the staffs of WLH.

Posted on: Saturday - May 26, 2012
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Name: Ravi Kansal
Address: 256, Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh, India
Dr. Mishra is really the most incredible Doctor I've ever had and I consider him to be - A life changing Doctor - for me personally. I saw him in the beginning because I had been having problems with my obesity and I had gained 90 pounds consequently. Almost every other doctor told me there was nothing they might do and i also might have to give up this obesity. Dr. Mishra treated me and had me back to a healthy weight and normal period within Six months! I am very happy. He has changed my life.
Posted on: Friday - May 11, 2012
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Name: Dr Mustakh Ahmad Sudani
Address: Khartoum, man Salib Tobia Catrina
I feel World laparoscopy hospital is one of the hidden gems, not only in Indiadoctors of that range of experience and reputation are hard to find. the 2nd best gynaecologist in Delhi NCR according to some magazine...clean facility, lots of infrastructure and robotic surgery..has its own lab..cheapest if compared to other hospitals in its category....
Posted on: Thursday - Apr 12, 2012
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Name: Susmita Vedwani Arya
Address: Trivendam, Kerela
I just need to tell you how well I was treated when I was a patient here at WLH. I had my gallbladder out last week. The staff of Out Patient Services, OR, and 5C were so kind, and everyone provided such compassionate care to me at World Laparoscopy Hospital in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU). Being a nurse myself I can tell this is one of the best minimal access surgical institute in thw World.

Wishing all the best for the staffs of this institute. Super
Posted on: Monday - Dec 12, 2011
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Name: Angela Watson
Address: Houstan, USA
I simply desired to express to you what great experience I had at World Laparoscopy Hospital. On October 3, 2011, I had a procedure made by Dr. Mishra. The doctor and his team explained everything so well which i felt empowered and well informed about the care I was being given. The concern I received in the hospital after the process was top-notch. I possibly could tell the all the staffs enjoy working at that WLH and i'm thankful for everything done for me so efficientlynyew.

Posted on: Saturday - Dec 10, 2011
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Name: Dr Maheshwar Naidoo
Address: General Surgeon, South Africa
I found the Fellowship course exceptionally good. I was able, in a two week period, to learn what it would otherwise have taken me years to "pick up" from more experienced colleagues. I recommend the course highly to surgeons and gynaecologists starting out in laparoscopy as well as those already have some experience. The course itself deserves a 5 star rating. The accomodation less so. But all in all, it was a fantastic learning experience.
Dr Maheshwar Naidoo
General Surgeon
South Africa
Posted on: Saturday - Dec 3, 2011
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Name: Robert
Address: Robert Kisenga, Nigeria
Prof. R.K. Mishra is a great teacher of Minimal Access Surgery. I my opinion when God created teachers like Dr R K. Mishra, He gave us special friends to help us understand his world and truly comprehend the beauty and the wonder of everything we see, and become a better person
with each discovery. Thanks to Dr Mishra who helped me to become a Minimal Access Surgeon. God understood our thirst for knowledge in surgery, and our need to be led by someone wiser. Thanks for everything. Cheesy
Posted on: Sunday - Nov 20, 2011
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Name: Khizar Raza
Address: Kabul Province, located in the eastern Afganistan
Nowadays everything needs improvement generally, but in your hospital I find that continuous improvement round the clock is happening that ought to remain up. Its a real world-class experience for me personally. This can be a wonderful hospital. The doctors & support staff are extremely co-operative and amiable. How medical treatment is rendered at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon with a humane touch is very praiseworthy.

I am grateful for the top class facility provided to me.

Posted on: Sunday - Nov 6, 2011
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