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Name: Shrimon Mohanti
Address: Assam
To start with, its an amazing hospital with great ambiance and great nursing staff, the deluxe rooms were spic and span and has a great relaxing feel to it. The postoperative care were superbly comfortable, you get treated feeling relaxed and refreshed. The upkeep of the hospital is fantastic. The WLH is a great place to see, one of the best hospital in India. Prices are very affordable. overall a great experience, will definitely come here again for any surgery if required.
Reply: Thanks to all the surgeon and Gynecologist of Assam who has taken training at World Laparoscopy Hospital
Posted on: Monday - Apr 15, 2013
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Name: Sushma Khanna
Address: 11, Leverpool Road, Khshwaha
The World Laparoscopy Hospital has overall been very impressed with Indecomm. Two areas in particular stand out and differentiate them from others: the quality of their Surgical Care and da Vinci robotic surgery talent, and their willingness and ability to serve the patient. This hospital has been outstanding in how they work with patients to address problems together to guarantee a successful treatment. Dr. Mishra is so impressive that I have never seen a person like him. Thanks to all!
Reply: Thanks Dr. Khanna!
Posted on: Monday - Dec 24, 2012
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Name: Sachin Deshpande
World Laparoscopy Hospital is very good in giving the service of laparoscopic surgery and the doctors here are very attentive to the patients. I had a very good treatment for my wifes uterus and the World Laparoscopy Hospital made it a pleasant experience during my difficult time. The suregeon team were excellent and very helpful.I would like to thanks Dr. R.K. Mishra and his team for excellence lalaroscopic operative service. In my opinion this hospital is one of the best in whole World. Cheesy
Reply: Thank you very much Sachin Deshpande from entire team of World Laparoscopy Hospital
Posted on: Sunday - Dec 9, 2012
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Name: Roenruedee Lee XK42W9966RPH
Address: California, USA


I got attack of severe pain and strangulation of hernia while I was travelling to India. Got operated by Dr. R.K. Mishra. I have seen my doctor here in California since I have been home. I showed him all the documents I received from the hospital. He explained to me how dangerous what happened to me was, and told me I was very lucky to have received such excellent care. My doctor informed me that Dr. Mishra had unquestionably saved me. Thanks to World Laparoscopy Hospital.

Reply: Dear Lee
Thank you for your compliments.
The physician should look upon the patient as a besieged city and try to rescue him with every means that art and science place at his command.
With regards
R.K. Mishra
Posted on: Wednesday - Oct 3, 2012
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Name: Dr. George Fishbeck
Address: XK42W9966RPH South Africa
World Laparoscopy Hospital is State-of-the-art surgical skills teaching facility and provide a safe environment for teaching and training in laparoscopic surgery. The Centre currently provides a large range of skills training courses in laparoscopic general surgery at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. I am very impressed as the mission of the World Laparoscopy Hospital is to provide high quality skills training to meet the learning requirements of international surgeons. Thank you! Cheesy
Reply: Thanks Dr. George feedback! Your encouragement will energise the entire team of WLH.
Posted on: Wednesday - Oct 3, 2012
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Name: Dr Menon Srimurty
Address: Karnataka, India
Many surgeons who is already in practice should come to World Laparoscopy Hospital for the laparoscopic revolution. We learned basic information and skills that were still a work in progress. Review and test yourself now on the uncontroverted knowledge and skills set of Dr R K Mishra that enhances patient safety and reduces risks for the surgeon. The Courses of WLH is must do course for every surgeon and gynecologists of the World. I dont this without this course we are complete.
Reply: Thanks for your complements!

Dr. R.K. Mishra
Posted on: Saturday - Sep 15, 2012
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Name: Dr Richard Sellwood
Address: 548 George Street, Sydney, South Wales, Australia
In life there are those that talk about doing and those that actually do laparoscopic surgery. Prof. R.K. Mishra is a dynamic Minimal Access Surgeon who inspires others to get involved, to share openly and honestly and is man with high ethical standards. He is insightful, often observing fundamental elements of problem of a laparoscopic surgeon that others have missed and then clearly explaining those issues to allow others to learn laparoscopy with him. Cheesy
Reply: Dear Dr Richard Sellwood

Thanks for compliments.
Posted on: Monday - Jul 30, 2012
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Name: Shyamsundar Pahari
Address: E452, Govindpuram, Ghaziabad, UP, INDIA
It was a great experience to get my mother's surgery at WLH done. I experienced the most peaceful and world class treatment here. I am thankful to Dr. J.S Chowhan and R.K Mishra and all staff at WLH. They are so genus to help poor patient and got to know the actual poor and needy patient get here free treatment too. God bless and wish WLH a great success!!
Reply: Dear Shyamsundar Pahari

Thanks for compliments. We wish best of luck to your mother.
Posted on: Thursday - Jul 12, 2012
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Name: Peter Darren
Address: Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA
I merely wished to express to you what great experience I had at World Laparoscopy Hospital. I received my laparoscopic operation done at World Laparoscopy Hospital. Dr. R.K. Mishra is really the most incredible Doctor That i have ever had and that i consider him to be "Second to God" personally. I feel World laparoscopy hospital is one of the great finds, not only in India but throughout World of that selection of experience and reputation are difficult to locate.
I recommend everyone .
Reply: Thanks for your compliments and feedback about our hospital.
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 11, 2012
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Name: Ymr Panupong
Address: 5 Gallery 70 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
I would like to thank Dr. R K Mishra nd his team who were involved with my surgery at WLH. I have been suffering with GERD for the past 10 years and thought there was no cure, or very minimal action could be taken. The efficiency of World Laparoscopy Hospital displays professionalism and really lives up to the meaning of continous improvement. Since the fundoplication surgery by Laparoscopy now I take food which used to cause acidity in the past and I am very happy with my new life. Thanks! Wink
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 8, 2012
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