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Name: Irshad Ahmad
Address: Aligarh India
I am Irshad Ahmad from Aligarh and I underwent cholecystectomy at WLH. I found the hotel very warm and welcoming and the staff extremely friendly. There was a slight delay with surgery but the volume of patient was most likely the reason for this. The taxi we reserved was also late but once again this I am sure was no fault of the reception staff of Hospital but the taxi company. I have recommended the Hospital to friends. Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Posted on: Sunday - May 8, 2011
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Name: Anderson
Address: London, England
very nice surgery and excellent staff, would recommend to family and friends. good rooms, very nice nursing staff too, very pleased. much enjoyed stay, very very nice hospital and surroundings are great. Super
Posted on: Sunday - May 8, 2011
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Name: Otgontsetseg
Address: City Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia
I am Mongolian obstetrician and gynecologist .I have been working as a obstetrician& gynecologist for 9 years at Health Care Center.I always read your site. I would like to study my professional ability for prenatal diagnosis(Fetal ultrasound.amniocentes,amniography,fetoscopy,fetoamniography...) in your country.
Posted on: Thursday - Apr 28, 2011
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Name: Sharon K
Address: Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom
I am so happy that my friend told me about Laparoscopic training at World Laparoscopy Hospital. As soon as I looked online, I knew this is the best institute in the World!

I was especially pleased to learn that they were developed by surgeon trained in UK who knew the art and science of laparoscopic surgery. Thanks to Prof. Mishra. While at the hospital, I was delighted that I could walk down to the OT, and fantastic Lab for "hands on training"

Thanks for a fantastic training. Super
Posted on: Saturday - Apr 23, 2011
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Name: Devilal Verma
Address: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Dear Sir,
I am extremely pleased to tell you that after laparoscopic surgery of hernia all of my symptoms from all of my long-time ailments and diseases are beginning to rapidly fade away. I am extremely obliged for that. Before I met you, I had engaged in many various treatments from a wide number of Western, Chinese and other medical professionals. But Laparoscopic Surgery did the miracle. I dont know why alternative medicine is used for surgical cases by some physician. Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) :cla
Posted on: Saturday - Apr 23, 2011
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Name: Dr M. Krzykawaski
Address: Slovakia
Hello I simply desired to take the time to comment on the wonderful laparoscopic training. I've taken laparoscopic training to a lot of country, but never have I experienced this type of Institute & staff as yours. Within the length of a two week here, I have are exposed to many different surgical skill. All of the c consultant including Prof. Mishra whom met my questions; concerns & needs with a smile and eagerness that helped me to. I recommend this institute to everyone.

Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Posted on: Sunday - Apr 17, 2011
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Name: Dr Anshuman
Address: Gopalganj, India
Professional laparoscopic training system aimed at Surgeon and Gynecologist. With World class training modules co-developed by the University and WALS, to learn the precise hand-eye coordination that is necessary for laparoscopic surgery. I am very munch thankful to World Laparoscopy Hospital to change my life and help me to become a good laparoscopic surgeon. Now I can perform laparoscopy without complication. I recommend every surgeon and gynecologist to go to World Laparoscopy Hospital. :sup
Posted on: Friday - Apr 1, 2011
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Name: Michael Cowling

I just had my sleeve gastrectomy with Dr Mishra on march 24 th 09 . Dr R.K. Mishra and his people are awesome. I promise to get my testimonial on World Laparoscopy Hospital to help other patient help like you asked . You guys and the obesity surgery are AWESOME !
Facility of Surgery and clinical staff were fantastic. Please see what is the benifit I am receiving by getting better activity with weight reduction.

Michael Cowling Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Posted on: Sunday - Mar 13, 2011
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Name: Dr Khalid Mannan
Dear Prof Mishra,
I would like to express my sheer admiration to your hard work, dedication and above all will power. I am greatly impressed and can only wish you all the best in future. I would also like to let you know that your course is really great and I have improved my laparoscopic skills tremendously since coming back and I keep broadening my scope and pushing my limits. It was definitely worth every dime and more.
Last but not least, I had a really great time in India.
Posted on: Tuesday - Mar 8, 2011
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Name: Bunji MokYang
Address: Mokyang Tower, Busan, SOUTH KOREA 616-123
I was operated for my bilateral inguinal hernia by Dr. Mishra. The service was fantastic. Every detail was taken care of. My Surgeon was extremely professional and also the hospital was very mindful of me. Nurses would be a profectionist my body are very comfortable. I recommend World Laparoscopy Hospital to anyone that is intrested in have any kinds of Laparoscopic Surgery. WLH also insured that my Family shouls not have any problem during stay in India. Cheesy
Posted on: Saturday - Feb 26, 2011
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