Lower GI Endoscopy Colonoscopy Patient Information (FAQs)

Lower GI Endoscopy Colonoscopy Patient Information (FAQs)

Complications from this procedure are very rare. Complications might include excessive bleeding, especially if a large polyp was removed.

If you have changes in bowel habits,
  • Blood in your stool,
  • Unusual abdominal pain,
  • Colon polyps or a history of colon cancer in your family,
  • Inflammatory bowel disease,
  • Crohn’s disease.

Colonoscopies also can verify findings of polyps or tumors as well as evaluate colon inflammation, ulcerations and diverticulitis.
A colonoscopy typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.
If you’ve had prolonged effects from the sedative, if you have excessive rectal bleeding or severe abdominal pain, fever or chills, call your doctor right away.
A colonoscopy is a safe, effective method of visually examining the colon using a very narrow lighted, flexible fiber optic tube called a colonoscope.
At the end of the tube is a mini camera with a lens that helps your doctor examines your digestive tract on a video monitor. More accurate than a barium enema X-ray and much simpler than exploratory abdominal surgery, colonoscopy is safe and generally well-tolerated by patients.
Tell your doctor:
  • If you are taking any medications
  • If you have any special medical conditions, including diabetes, pregnancy, lung or heart conditions.
  • If you are allergic to any medications.

You should talk to your doctor in cat you have diabetes, pregnancy, lung or heart conditions or allergic to any medications.

You will be totally asleep, but breathing, and will not respond to conversation.


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