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I need to have an ovarian cyst removed. I have had it for twenty years and it the size of a five month pregnancy. I no longer have a doctor here in the UK. Do I need to be referred by a doctor, or can I come of my own volition.
We should come to India and we would definitely like to help you. If everything is OK we will remove the ovarian cyst. We have large experience in removing huge ovarian cysts.

Ovarian cysts are the most typical cause of pelvic masses in ladies, and in the bulk of the cases are women of fertile age. Today the surgical treatment has ended up being more conservative and less intrusive, hence laparoscopic approach in the existence of benign cysts has become a requirement.

The employment of laparoscopy for the surgical management of benign ovarian cysts has ended up being popular. It is a challenging task when the cysts are big. A randomized potential study comparing laparoscopy and laparotomy in the management of clients with benign ovarian masses less than 10 cm in size reported a significant decrease in personnel morbidity, postoperative discomfort and analgesic requirement, hospital stay, and recovery period. However, the same results can be gotten with big cysts likewise.


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