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"Good evening everybody respected Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Mishra, My friends and parents. Today is a nice occasion. I must thank Dr. Rajneesh kumar Mishra for accepting me in this course. I am doing my residency in United State of America. This is my month of vacation. When I was choosing the course people advised me to enjoy but I am quite happy and I did the course. Actually everybody knows about laparoscopy, like I was also doing laparoscopic in United State of America but the fundamental of laparoscopy we did not know before coming to this course and credit goes to Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Mishra. We learn allot. We use to do many steps but we did not know the consequences. I must appreciate that I got all the information from this course. Second thing I must say that structure of this course is fantastic. It is fabulous. People from divert group like Indonesia, Australia, Nigeria came but when they came here they came as a team. Everybody came to different country but this harmony we cannot see in other places. I must appreciate as the structure of this course is designed. Team effort and this has been seen over here. Regarding the employees they are fantastic, very very helpful. People helping attitude were fantastic. We were little surprised when we came from different country like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, United state of America. This is small place but nicely planed. Third thing I should mention that the way the ergonomics Dr. Mishra explain it is fantastic. We can do any laparoscopic surgery back home. This is the launching pad to become a good laparoscopic surgeon. So thank you very much thank you my collogue for beautiful time spent together."