• Start date: 15th to 17th of April, August and December at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurugram, Delhi, India
  • Duration: 3 days Diploma Certificate Course in Cosmetic Gynaecology
  • Specialty: For Gynaecologists, Plastic Surgeons, Urologist, General Surgeons
  • Course Fee: Rs 75,000 only for Indian Doctors and 1800 USD for Overseas Doctors (Including Working Lunch, Wet Lab Expenses, OT Dress and Local Transport). Candidate should pay the registration fee 5000 rupees at the time of application of course remaining fee of the course on the first day at the time of joining the course.
  • Location: World Laparoscopy Hospital, DLF Phase II, Cyber City, Gurgaon, NCR Delhi, India
  • Accommodation: Tariff is Rs 1500/day at WLH premises and Rs 2200/day at Pacific Hotel (Owned by WLH).

Three days Diploma Certificate Course in Cosmetic Gynaecology is a premium program with additional benefit of hands-on training available for Gynaecologists and Surgeons to be trained in all surgical and non-surgical aspects of Cosmetic Gynaecology and its underpinning technologies in depth from the only University accredited teaching faculty of Cosmetic Gynaecology in the world. Each training will start with live demo and followed by hands-on training of aesthetic gynecology. All course materials, protocols, and notes will be provided.

Women are being more self-conscious and they try to make themselves look more beautiful. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the cosmetic gynaecology numbers have increased by 32% from 2017 to 2019. Cosmetic gynaecology is aiming to make improvements to the physical appearance and function of the vagina and labia simultaneously. The training faculty of Cosmetic Gynaecology Courses of World Laparoscopy Hospital is the only university recognized teaching faculty in Cosmetic Gynaecology globally, and the Cosmetic Gynaecology courses at WLH are endorsed by various international organizations.


This Diploma course of Cosmetic Gynecology come with a non-surgical & surgical curricula and live patient demonstrations with most latest and advanced equipment in the industry. The programme is conducted and taught by eminent national and international experts, with participants attending from around the World.

Laparoscopic Surgery Training

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Non-Surgical treatments

  1. Dermal Filler in Vaginal Rejuvenation; Hydration, Labia Majora Augmentation
  2. Video: Correction of Labia Majora deflation, Introitus Hydration? Is it too much?
  3. BOTOX for Vaginismus Lecture/video
  4. Radio Frequency for Vaginal Rejuvenation – Lecture and Video (Thermiva)
  5. Vulvar and Anal pigmentation bleaching; – Video
  6. PRP in Vaginal and Vulvar Rejuvenation (O Shot)
  7. Carboxytherapy : Indications in Aesthetic Gynaecology
  8. The Latest in Mesotherapy and Micro needling in Vulvar and Vaginal rejuvenation
  9. LED: The latest non-invasive treatment in Vulvo-Vaginal rejuvenation, comparison of machines available in the market.
  10. Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation and Vulvar by Co2 Laser – Femilift
  11. How to introduce the Non-Surgical Aesthetic Gynaecology treatments to your practice – Panel discussion
  12. G Spot Augmentation techniques and Potential Complications
  13. Office Anesthesia Protocols:
  14. Local Anesthesia Injections
  15. Mechanism, advantage and disadvantage of local Anesthesia

Surgical treatments

  1. Vaginal Rejuvenation (Vaginoplasty)
  2. Types of Labia Minora hypertrophy
  3. Proper examination of Labia Minora hypertrophy and Clitoral hood
  4. Labiaplasty, Indications, Types of surgeries
  5. Labiaplasty of Labia Minora and Labia Majora, How to do it..?
  6. When to chose Vaginoplasty and Perionoplasty, (Video Demonstration)
  7. Classic technique of Labia Minora Plasty and Clitoral hood reduction
  8. Hymen Reconstruction surgery (Hymen Surgery, Hymeoplasty Surgery or Hymen Restoration)
  9. Mon Pubis Liposuction

Cosmetic Gynecology training comprises of the rigorous 8 hours daily Hands On training. This course is scientifically designed according to international protocol of education proven to learn Cosmetic Gynecology. Our minimally cosmetic gynecology training will not end just imparting hands on skill but post training Online support is also provided through world's largest and most updated Online library of laparoscopic study material (Videos, Articles, Power Point presentations, eBooks) kept for members only on our dedicated server. We provide Study Materials of Worth 3000 USD Completely Free of Cost during course. Free study material to complement practical knowledge is provided with the course.

CourseCertificateDuration Total Seat

Rs 75,000 only for Indian Doctors and 1800 USD for Overseas Doctors (Including Working Lunch, Wet Lab Expenses, OT Dress and Local Transport). Candidate should pay the registration fee 5000 rupees at the time of application of course remaining fee of the course on the first day at the time of joining the course. There is no extra charge to utilize hospital resources like internet, laparoscopic instruments, O. T. Dress, Library, Videos, CDs. Working lunch, snacks tea and coffee will be provided whole day during course. Doctors dedicated accommodation is available at subsidized tariff in Pacific Hotel (Owned and Managed By WLH). Hospital has its own AC deluxe bus to bring surgeons to hospital. For Indian doctors, accommodation is available in the hospital campus.

Admission is on first come first serve basis but if the applicant are more for same month candidate has to take Online entrance exam.

  1. Participating doctor should have valid medical registration.
  2. Overseas Doctor should have equivalent qualification.
  3. Only Online Application is sufficient for admission to the Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery (F.MAS) Training course.

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