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Instrument Design Demonstration by Prof Dr. R. K. Mishra: Port Access Instruments, Dissecting instruments, Various Graspers, various Scissors.
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Event Date: Tue - 1 Jul, 2014

Event Time: 2:20 pm

Location: World Laparoscopy Hospital


Institute: WLH

Advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques will need new types of instrument and functionality of those instruments are important for surgeons and gynecologists to learn. Nowadays many new instrument is invented which include a new class of multifunctional instruments capable of performing greater than 1 task with a single group of working jaws. Furthermore, it is desired that multifunctional instruments be designed to provide improved dexterity compared with that in currently commercially available instruments. 

Success of laparoscopic task depends upon the functionality of Laparoscopic instruments which is often used to execute a number of functions along with their primary design function. With different prior study, patterns of usage and instrument exchanges in keeping laparoscopic procedures were identified. 

With this particular background, we at World Laparoscopy Hospital has invented many instruments for MIS which are able to performing greater than 1 task with a single set of working jaws. Such as a needle holding instrument that may perform blunt dissection in addition to suction and irrigation along with a tool that combined a high-frequency hook by having an ultrasonic dissection probe. 

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