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First day of Laparoscopy surgery Training, Prof. R.K. Mishra has taken first presentation, Introduction of Minimal Access Surgery
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Event Date: Mon - 1 May, 2023

Event Time: 10:05 am

Location: Wold laparoscopy Hospital


Institute: WLH

On the inaugural day of Laparoscopy Surgery Training, a group of medical professionals convened in a conference room, eagerly awaiting the start of the program. The keynote speaker for the day was Prof. R.K. Mishra, who kicked off the event by delivering a presentation on the Introduction of Minimal Access Surgery.

Also known as laparoscopic surgery, Minimal Access Surgery is a modern surgical technique that enables less invasive procedures with smaller incisions and faster recovery times. During the presentation, Prof. Mishra discussed the advantages and challenges of this technique, as well as the various equipment and techniques involved.

As the participants came from various medical backgrounds, they were keen to learn about this cutting-edge technique. Prof. Mishra demonstrated the laparoscopic instruments, highlighting their differences from the ones used in traditional open surgery. He emphasized the importance of understanding these instruments and how to use them effectively.

Throughout the presentation, the participants were encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussions to deepen their knowledge of Minimal Access Surgery. Prof. Mishra concluded his presentation to a round of applause from the participants.

In conclusion, the presentation on the Introduction of Minimal Access Surgery was an informative and engaging start to the Laparoscopy Surgery Training program. The participants are looking forward to continuing their training and learning more about this important technique.

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