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Laparoscopic Square Knot Practices used for Vault closure Gastric Plication and Rectopexy
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Event Date: Fri - 6 Jun, 2014

Event Time: 10:00 am

Location: World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon


Institute: WLH

Today surgeons and gynecologist has practiced Laparoscopic Square Knot Practices used for Vault closure Gastric Plication and Rectopexy. The effect of knot geometry on the strength of laparoscopic slip knots has been measured in lab setting at World Laparoscopy Hospital and according to our result multithrough extracorporeal square knot is one of the strongest for the tissue approximation under tension. 

One-way analysis of variance was performed to detect significant differences in knot strengths, and the variability in knot strength for extracorporeal square knot type was determined by Tukey's multiple comparison test. Extracorporeal square-knots and intracorporeal flat-square knots can tolerate better distraction forces and thus have higher median KQS scores compared with intracorporeal slip-square knots that is also called Tumble Square Knot.

Lecture of Laparoscopic Dissection Technique and safe use of all the energy sources were discussed. Prof. R.K. Mishra highlighted the various advantages and disadvantages of lasers, ultrasonic energy, and electrosurgery. Each of the surgeons on this panel has become quite masterful using his preferred energy source. An understanding of the basic science is a requirement before using any energy source for laparoscopy, 

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