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Picture gallery of surgeons and gynaecologist who has taken training at World Laparoscopy Hospital. In this section of the site we try to include pictures of events and occasions that have taken place in the lab and resourse area of World Laparoscopy Hospital. We also urge our guest to take cameras with them on tours and field trips and during "Hands on Training". If you would like to submit a photograph that you may have taken that is school related please send it to the for consideration or log on to

For many years now it is 10th Year we have run a very successful training at World Laparoscopy Hospital. Under the watchful eye of their mentor Dr. R.K. Mishra they have taken part in the Hands on Laparoscopic Training part and have gone as far as the final in their professional life .This year like all years is manned by a very hard working group of surgeons and gynaecologists. We are delighted to add that many of our former surgeons are the best laparoscopic surgeons and gynaecologists in their state.

Many of the pictures are from alumni re-union. The World Laparoscopy Hospital graduating student had their reunion at the World Laparoscopy Hospitalr on 14th and 15th February 2010. It was wonderful seeing everyone, meeting spouses, and reconnecting with faculty and friends. A special thanks for Prof. George Hanna, Professor of surgery imperial college london for all their efforts to heading the re-union and thanks to all our surgeon and gynaecologist friends in gathering everyone together.

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