Advantages and Disadvantages of minimal access surgery

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Minimal access surgery (MAS) is not a subspecialty by itself, but rather provides the tools that can be applied in several areas of general surgery, urology, pediatric surgery and gynaecology instead of traditional techniques. As expertise and instrument design improves, therefore the applications have raised so that almost every area of general and gynaecological surgery comes with an MAS alternative.

This tutorial video will focus on advantages and disadvantages of minimal access surgery,

When you have completed this tutorial video you will be able to:

  • select patients for laparoscopic surgery
  • know about the gear and instruments for laparoscopic surgery
  • understand safety in laparoscopic surgery, including entry techniques and energy sources
  • understand operative steps for common laparoscopic procedures

The area of minimal access surgery (MAS) in current gynaecological, urological and general surgical practice remains controversial. As a result, MAS techniques have been susceptible to a substantial amount of prospective, evidence-based assessment. The best outcomes of these comparative trials will certainly have a profound impact on the near future direction of our speciality. No appear operation is performed, the laparoscopic approach is assigned to less pain, shorter hospital stay and shorter recovery. These immediate patient-orientated benefits are a generic results of replacing the manoeuvres of open surgery through laparotomy incisions with minimal access. These benefits should be offset against significant disadvantages. Minimal access surgery procedures always require the utilization of expensive, high technology equipment and usually take longer to do. Such procedures may be more expensive than current open procedures and charges will, simply, be dependent on the quantity of disposable equipment employed. Patients undergoing MAS procedures may be vulnerable to new and/or increased risk of traditional complications. The longer-term outcomes of most MAS procedures have not yet been determined. These potential benefits and disadvantages of MAS require that each procedure is carefully and individually assessed. This video lecture of Prof. R.K. Mishra explains the advantages and disadvantages of minimal access surgery.


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