Principle of Laparoscopic Secondary Port Insertion

VIdeo Lecture of Prof. R.K. Mishra about Safe Port Position in Minimal Access Surgery

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The individual is placed supine or in a modified lithotomy position. A diathermy pad is attached to the thigh and the diathermy machine settings checked. The patient will be draped widely to reveal the whole abdominal wall, that has been prepared with antiseptic solution.

At this point the surgeon should check the following: Preoperative checks * Patient check * Patient position * Palpate for masses or organomegaly * Diathermy machine * Diathermy plate * Suction and irrigation * Insufflator * Telescope, camera and video * Insufflator tubing * Instruments Penetrating the intact abdominal wall to induce the pneumoperitoneum and insert the very first port is probably the most hazardous part of a routine laparoscopic operation. If this isn't done with care and skill there's a danger of damage to underlying viscera such as bowel and bladder.

Even deeper structures such as the aorta, iliac vessels and vena cava have been speared through the inept and unwary. When the first port is in place and also the pneumoperitoneum has been induced, the surgeon can insert a laparoscope and work with the abdominal contents safely because.

There are two main methods, outdoors and also the closed methods. Each has its fervent advocates who say they only use one method. The open technique is safest and is increasingly being accepted as best practice. Many surgeons would rather have each method readily available for use when appropriate.


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Step-by step-laparoscopic operative procedure

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