Unique Opportunity to Learn Laparoscopic Surgery for Surgeons and Gynecologist of Pakistan


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Trained Surgeons and Gynecologists From Pakistan at Dubai

For Pakistani Surgeons and Gynecologists World Laparoscopy Hospital provide a world-class environment for acquisition of laparoscopic skills at Dubai. It is easy to get VISA of Dubai for Pakistani citizen and the laparoscopic surgeons team here in Dubai has started conducting basic and advanced minimal access surgery courses with the endeavor to train qualified general surgeons and gynecologist of Pakistan.

World Laparoscopy Hospital has opened its branch in Dubai keeping in mind the surgeons and gynecologists who find it difficult to come to India. We at Dubai provide state of the art infrastructure dedicated for laparoscopic surgical techniques. These courses are conducted and led by the renowned and experienced preceptors under Direction of Prof. Dr R K Mishra. The unique feature of this course in Dubai for Pakistani surgeons and Gynecologist is that these are candidate centered and designed to have a focused training program to transfer the skill of laparoscopic surgery in minimal possible time.

The principal objective of the Training Centre in Dubai is to offer basic and advance courses for learning operative laparoscopic skills. The courses include training course in General Surgery laparoscopy, Gynecological Laaroscopic surgery and laparoscopic suturing skills. These courses are specially designed to impart knowledge and hands on experience to the postgraduate students, senior residents and general practicing surgeons and gynecologist. The course in basic laparoscopic skills is relevant to all the surgical specialties including gynecology, urology, pediatric surgery, surgical oncology, gastrointestinal surgery etc.