Few Toppers of World Laparoscopy Hospital among Hundreds of Trained Laparoscopic Surgeon and Gynaecologist from Libya


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Libya officially called  the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and  also translated as Socialist People's Libyan Arab Great Jamahiriya, is a country located in North Africa. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Libya lies between Egypt to the east, Chad and Niger to the south,  Sudan to the southeast, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west. The country Libya has an area of about  1,800,000 square kilometres. Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa by area, and the 17th largest in the world. Tripoli is the capital of the Libya. Libya has the highest HDI in Africa and the fourth highest GDP  per capita in Africa, behind Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. These are largelybecause of its large petroleum reserves and low population. History of Laparoscopic Surgery in Eastern Part of Libya Khaled El Zarrok Elgazwi, MD, PhD and Abdalla H. Glessa are popular.