Laparoscopic Electronic Instrument Demonstration


Several factors should be thought about during the time of choosing laparoscopic instrument, including cost, availability and reliability. Reusable instruments are expensive initially however in long rum they're economical.

The disposable instrument cost is less when compared with re-usable but patient cost is increased. In many centers re-use of disposable instrument sometimes appears. In developing countries, disposable instruments are very rarely used because labour cost is low compare to the price of disposable instrument. In Europe and USA, surgeons often choose to use disposable instrument to save high labour cost.

The benefit of disposable instrument is high end because of its sharpness and reduced possibility of disease transmission due to certified high-end factory sterilization. However, once discarded, environment concerns are elevated about disposal and biodegrability of disposable instruments.

Ideally disposable instrument shouldn't be used repeatedly because handling, sorting, storing and sterilization make these instrument questionable. The disposable instruments are not sterilized properly by dipping in gluteraldehyde since they're not dismountable. Insulation of disposable instrument may also be torn easily which can lead to electrosurgical injuries.

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