Laparoscopic Dissection Technique


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  1. Assess Pad Site Location
  2. Choose:
    Well vascularized muscle mass
  3. Avoid:
    Vascular insufficiency
    Irregular body contours
    Bony prominences
  4. Consider:
    Incisionsite / prep area
    Patient position
    Other equipment on patient

To avoid complication of laparoscopic electrosurgery surgeon should always retain in their mind following points

  1. Inspect insulation carefully
  2. Use most favorable power setting
  3. Use a low voltage waveform (cut)
  4. Use brief intermittent activation vs. prolonged activation
  5. Don't activate in open circuit
  6. Do not activate in close proximity or direct connection with another instrument
  7. Use bipolar electrosurgery when appropriate
  8. Select an exciting metal cannula system since the safest choice. Do not use hybrid cannula systems that mix metal with plastic
  9. Utilize available technology, such as a tissue response generator to lessen capacitive coupling or an active electrode monitoring system, to eliminate concerns about insulation failure and capacitive coupling.



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Step-by step-laparoscopic operative procedure


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