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The gallbladder is really a pear-shaped organ that sits underneath the liver within the right-upper abdomen. It's function would be to store bile. It's attached to the bile ducts which come in the liver.

These ducts carry bile in the liver towards the gallbladder and intestine in which the bile helps digest food. The gallbladder is not required to keep good health. Gallstones Gallstones usually form within the gallbladder due to excessive cholesterol in bile. They are one such condition. Once they cause pain or other problems, treatment methods are usually needed.

The removal of the gallbladder is among the most typical types of surgery completed in this country. Previously, open abdominal surgery was the standard treatment. This process required a 3 to 7 day remain in the hospital and a 3 to 7 inch incision and scar on the abdomen.

Laparoscopy Most females have heard of laparoscopy, also called "bellybutton" or "Band-Aid" surgery. Gynecologists have long used this technique to tie the Fallopian tubes and to inspect the feminine reproductive organs.

Now the utilization of laparoscopy continues to be expanded to incorporate removing a diseased gallbladder. With new video technology, the laparoscope has become a miniature television camera. Powerful magnification is now possible, showing the intestinal organs in great detail.



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