Laparoscopic Appendicectomy


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An appendectomy is the surgical deduction from the vermiform appendix. Once the patient is suffering from acute appendicitis this procedure is conducted as an emergency procedure. Intravenous antibiotics are utilized to delay or avoid the start of sepsis in the absence of surgical facilities it is therefore now recognized that lots of cases will resolve when treated preoperatively.

In some cases the appendicitis resolves completely; more regularly, an inflammatory mass forms round the appendix, causing transruptural flotation. This is a relative contraindication to surgery. Appendectomy may be performed as an open operation or laparoscopically. If the diagnosis is in doubt Laparoscopy is often used.

It's also used to hide the scars in the umbilicus or in the pubic hair line.With laparoscopic surgery recovery may be quicker, the process is more costly and resource-intensive than open surgery and generally takes a bit more time. There is also (mostly low in patients) additional risks related to pneumoperitoneum. Lower midline laparotomy is usually needed in advanced pelvic sepsis.

All around the laparoscopic approach to appendectomy has gained wide acceptance among surgeons over the last 25 Years as a means of improved diagnostic accuracy and wound complication rate over the open conventional procedure. Despite a breadth of information and widespread adoption from the technique, there continues to be controversy concerning the advantages of this method in hastening postoperative recovery, along with its use within the management of complicated appendicitis. The presentation of the page provide recommendations to surgeons for that laparoscopic control over patients with both easy and complicated appendicitis.


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