Hysteroscopy an Overview

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The uterine cavity is a potential cavity and requires to become distended to permit for inspection. Thus during hysteroscopy either fluids or CO2 gas is introduced to expand the cavity. The choice would depend on the procedure, the patient’s condition, and also the physician's preference. Fluids may be used for both diagnostic and operative procedures. However, CO2 gas does not allow the clearing of blood and endometrial debris during the procedure, that could result in the imaging visualization difficult. Gas embolism could also arise like a complication. Because the success of the procedure is completely depending on the quality of the high-resolution video images before surgeon's eyes, CO2 gas isn't popular as the distention medium. Electrolytic solutions include normal saline and lactated Ringer’s solution.

View of normal uterine cavity at hysteroscopy (office hysteroscopy with a 2.7 mm scope) We are looking up at the top of the uterine cavity (fundus) The end from the scope is simply above the junction of the cervix and uterus (internal os) The left tubal opening (ostia) may be the dark spot at 3 o'clock The right tubal opening is seen at 9 o'clock Hysteroscopy is really a procedure that involves insertion of the narrow telescope-like instrument with the vagina and cervix into the cavity from the uterus (endometrial cavity). The uterine cavity will be distended with fluid and visualized.


Also called: Kehr's T tube


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