Use of Various Energy Sources in Minimal Access Surgery


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Minimal access surgery (MAS) is not a subspecialty by itself, but rather provides the tools that can be applied in several areas of general surgery, urology, pediatric surgery and gynaecology instead of traditional techniques. As expertise and instrument design improves, therefore the applications have raised so that almost every area of general and gynaecological surgery comes with an MAS alternative.

This tutorial video will focus on use T Tube in minimal access surgery,

T tube : a tube consisting of a stem and a cross head (thus shaped like a T). The cross head is placed into the common bile duct while the stem is connected to a small pouch (i.e. bile bag). It is used as a temporary post-operative drainage of common bile duct.

Hans Kehr (1862-1916), a German surgeon, is known for the development of surgical procedures for the treatment of bile duct and gall bladder diseases. One of his contributions in medicine is the T tube. It is a temporary device used to drain the bile, especially after hepatic surgery or liver transplant.


Also called: Kehr's T tube


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