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Diagnostic Laparoscopy in minimal access surgery


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These are only few sample free laparoscopic Videos. We have largest collection of Laparoscopic study material  on the web free for our Member Surgeons. Member can View and Download hundreds of high resolution Laparoscopic Videos, Pictures, Articles and PowerPoint  from password protected secure Private Member Area. The access to private member area is only to the surgeons, Gynaecologists, urologists and pediatric surgeons who has taken training at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon, NCR Delhi.

Minimal access surgery (MAS) is not a subspecialty by itself, but rather provides the tools that can be applied in several areas of general surgery, urology, pediatric surgery and gynaecology instead of traditional techniques. As expertise and instrument design improves, therefore the applications have raised so that almost every area of general and gynaecological surgery comes with an MAS alternative.

This tutorial video will focus on use of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in minimal access surgery,

When you have completed this tutorial video you will be able to understand the Diagnostic Laparoscopy:

Diagnostic laparoscopy is a process that allows a health care provider to look straight in the items in the person's abdomen or hips, such as the fallopian pipes, ovaries, uterus, little bowel, large intestinal, appendix, lean meats, as well as gallbladder.

How the Check is actually PerformedThe process is generally completed in the hospital or even hospital medical center below general what about anesthesia ? (as the individual is actually other than conscious and pain-free). Nevertheless, hardly ever, this process may also be carried out using nearby anesthesia, which numbs just the region affected by the surgery and allows you to remain awake.

The doctor makes a little reduce below the stomach switch (belly button) as well as inserts the needle into the region. Co2 gasoline is actually handed to the region to assist move the stomach walls and any kind of organs out of the way, creating a larger space to work in. This can help the doctor see the region better.

A tube is placed through the cut inside your abdominal region. A tiny camcorder (laparoscope) experiences this particular pipe and it is accustomed to see the inside your pelvis as well as abdomen. Extra little slashes may be made if additional devices are essential to obtain a much better view associated with certain internal organs.

Regarding gynecologic laparoscopy, coloring might be injected in to your own cervix area therefore the doctor may better call at your fallopian tubes.

After the examination, the actual laparoscope as well as instruments tend to be removed, and also the cuts are closed. You will have bandages more than those places.




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