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QuizPre-testQuizLevel 1 QuizQuizLevel 2 QuizQuizLevel 3 QuizQuiz Level 4 Quiz QuizLevel 5QuizLevel 6 QuizTrue/False QuizQuiz Daily  Quiz


QuizPre-testQuizLevel 1 QuizQuizLevel 2 QuizQuizLevel 3 QuizQuiz Level 4 Quiz QuizLevel 5QuizLevel 6 QuizTrue/False QuizQuiz Daily  Quiz

Centre of Excellence in Laparoscopic Surgery

Take the Laparoscopic Surgery Professional Test to measure your brainpower and cognitive ability from a standardized test of Minimal Access Surgery. 

  • 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Know Your Intelligence
  • Quotient Score Evaluate your Brainpower

These laparoscopic multiple choice quizzes will give you an opportunity to help preparing fellowship exam which will be taken by World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons after completing the Hands On training at World Laparoscopy Hospital. The participant surgeon and gynecologists will develop confidence and after taking these quiz fellowship exam aspirants can sharpen their skills and knowledge on general awareness. What the future holds for laparoscopic training methodologies, the requirement for standardized testing, and proof of competency in laparoscopy is still unclear. What is clear is that most residency directors think that the health-care industry will require proof of competency in laparoscopy as standard of care.

Approximately all the program directors think that it would be beneficial to have a standardized clinical examination to test one's skills in laparoscopy at the conclusion of laparoscopic training. One possible reason for the lack of support for a standardized test may be the fact that our surgeons and gynecologist who take training are already evaluated on their surgical skills and are subject to written fellowship examinations during their training through the Council on Residency Education in Laparoscopy form by World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons and must pass a written examination after training to be certified by the University and WALS. Did you know there are two concepts of intelligence? Fluid Intelligence includes such abilities as problem-solving, memory, learning, and pattern recognition. Crystallized Intelligence is more static, consisting primarily of acquired knowledge. In laparoscopic surgery fluid intelligence is more important because it is a skill. Surgical competence reflects the knowledge, judgment, and attitude of the surgeon.

Albert Einstein's famous quote is “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. In laparoscopy imagination has great value. ” He has also quoted “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” A questionnaire of laparoscopic surgical and gynecological surgery was developed to assess several areas of interest in laparoscopic training in General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology residency programs.

After proper "Hands On" laparoscopic training in a good structured laparoscopic training institute online learning as interactive and collaborative provides more enriching and motivating learning environment both within and away from classroom. These new learning systems for laparoscopic surgeons and gynecologists allow understanding how to be personalized to user needs when it comes to both content and method of minimal access surgical skill. The advances in Online training technology offer a large amount of information of recent advantages of significant developments within the sector of laparoscopic surgery, affecting the technological knowledge, patient and healthcare management, and particularly medical education.

There is nowadays a global trend to involve computers and the Internet in medical curricula, in addition to, in continuing life-long medical learning and training. One of the main challenges of contemporary teachers and trainers refers to the design and implementation of recent training processes which have to satisfy the challenges and necessities from the digital age. The enormous expansion in medical and biomedical knowledge in laparoscopic surgery poses a fundamental challenge in medical education. To be able to account the over-specialized knowledge available by different experts, it could be employed to develop new pools for educational modules and provide the mechanisms and tools to combine individual learning styles. Using of e-learning enhance traditional learning, support existing teaching methods and supply a valuable reference point which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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