Dundee Jamming Knot and Aberdeen Termination demonstration by Dr R K Mishra

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This Video demonstrate Dundee Jamming Knot Continuous Suturing and Aberdeen Termination. Continuous suturing is required in laparoscopic surgery to close delicate long suture line. It can be started with Dundee Jamming Knot. The final knot of a continuous suture can be accomplished in the traditional way of open surgery as Aberdeen Termination. Dundee Jamming Knot and Aberdeen Termination are two surgical knots in the same direction and a final one in the opposite direction, tying the final loop of the continuous suture with the end of the suture with the needle, or it is possible to recur to the “Aberdeen knot,”8 in which a final knot is accomplished by creating a new loop in the already existing one. The final loop of the suture is kept loosely; then, grasping the needle with the assistant needle holder, the needle holder is inserted into the loop, and the suture thread is grasped at its middle and retracted without the grasper dropping the needle. This process generates a new loop in the already existing one, which is tied guiding the needle holder through the loop and applying countertraction between the needle holder and the assistant needle holder. This procedure is repeated twice. Finally, the end of the suture is guided with the needle through the last generated loop, and, using retraction, the final tightening of the knot is performed. If, at the end of the suture, the thread were too short to accomplish one of the described procedures.