Right Sided IPOM Inguinal Hernia Repair with Left Sided Varicocelectomy

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10 months ago


This video demonstrates Right-Sided IPOM Inguinal Hernia Repair with Left-Sided Varicocelectomy performed by Dr. R K Mishra at World Laparoscopy Hospital. Laparoscopic IPOM repair for inguinal hernia is a standard procedure but is occasionally performed in patients who are good candidates for the repair of intraperitoneal Onlay mesh repair due to a peritoneal defect of small size or the presence of a fibrotic and scarred preperitoneal cavity. What is IPOM hernia repair? The IPOM (Intraperitoneal Onlay Mesh) technique is a special repair procedure where a mesh is introduced into the abdominal cavity and placed from the inside over the hernia opening. To conduct this endoscopic IPOM technique, a small incision is first made in the scar-free abdominal wall. Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is efficient in the treatment of symptomatic varicoceles with a low complication rate. However, careful patient selection is necessary because it appears that individuals presenting with sharp, radiating testicular pain and/or a low-grade varicocele are less likely to benefit from this procedure. Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is a valid therapeutic approach to improve semen parameters for further assisted reproductive techniques. Spermatogenesis may be induced in patients with NOA. Normalization of semen parameters can be achieved for patients with OAT. For more information: World Laparoscopy Hospital Cyber City, Gurugram, NCR Delhi INDIA : +919811416838 World Laparoscopy Training Institute Bld.No: 27, DHCC, Dubai UAE : +971525857874 World Laparoscopy Training Institute 8320 Inv Dr, Tallahassee, Florida USA : +1 321 250 7653