Dr. Mishra's Lecture on Ovarian cystectomy at CAMLS, Florida, USA

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Amit Kumar
8 months ago


Dr. R.K. Mishra's Lecture on Ovarian cystectomy at CAMLS, University of South Florida, USA. Fellowship of Minimal Acess Surgery Training course conducted by World Laparoscopy Training Institute, Florida, United States of America. An ovarian cystectomy is a surgery to remove a cyst from your ovary. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique that only uses a few small incisions in your lower abdomen. But some cysts can grow to be very big, like the size of a watermelon. Many women will write that off as weight gain, but abdominal pain and bloating could be the result of a mass growing in the abdomen. Although they may require treatment, they don't affect fertility. Dermoid cysts. These solid cysts contain tissue — such as skin, hair, or even teeth — instead of fluid. Dermoid cysts aren't associated with infertility. After laparoscopic endometriosis surgery, 74.3% (52/70) of women became pregnant after surgery, 61.3% (19/31) became pregnant after a laparotomy and 42.1% (8/19) became pregnant after conversion from laparoscopy to laparotomy. The recurrence rate following cystectomy is 3–4%. Few studies have looked at the effects of dermoid cysts on ovarian function and fertility, and none have shown a negative effect. Surgery for endometriosis and ovarian cysts averaged 72 min (range 10–240). Laparoscopic myomectomy and hysterectomy averaged 113 and 131 min respectively (range 25–400). Our results show that while the operating time for most operative laparoscopies is less than 75 min, the range of operating times is great.