Laparoscopic cervical Cerclage Surgery for Cervical Insufficiency

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Amit Kumar
8 months ago


This video demonstrates laparoscopic cervical cerclage surgery performed by Dr. R.K. Mishra at World Laparoscopy Hospital. The traditional open surgical treatment for cervical insufficiency is the vaginal placement of a cervical cerclage or abdominal cerclage by putting mesh through laparoscopy. However, in a small number of cases, a vaginal approach is not possible. A transabdominal approach can become an option for these patients. Laparoscopic cervical cerclage is associated with good pregnancy outcomes but comes at the cost of a higher risk of serious surgical complications. The aim of the video is to demonstrate intraoperative steps of laparoscopic cervical cerclage. This technique could be particularly useful if performed during nonpregnancy or during early pregnancy where the increased maneuverability and flexibility of the device permits better surgical access. If you are performing cervical cerclage in pregnant women then instead of a uterine manipulator fan retractor should be used. Cervical cerclage by laparoscopy is considered the gold standard for the patient in whom previous vaginal cerclage is failed.