World Laparoscopy Hospital

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World Laparoscopy Hospital is the Premier Institute of laparoscopic and robotic surgery treatment, training and research. It's been 20 years since it is considered internationally as Centre of Excellence for Laparoscopic Training. This hospital is accredited National Accreditation Board for Hospitals. WLH was established to share the knowledge of the early pioneering laparoscopic work performed, and its work and reputation progressed steadily as increasing numbers of advanced laparoscopic surgeons were attracted from all over the world. Thousands of surgeons and gynecologists from all over World has been trained at this internationally recognized institute. At this institute there is an ample opportunity to learn and do all practical minimally invasive surgeries in one of the most modern laparoscopic wet HD wet operating room labs, followed by live exposure of live Laparoscopic procedures in operation theatre with our expert consultants. The Minimal Access surgery course is designed in a way that at the end of this laparoscopic training course surgeon & gynecologist will be able to do all the taught endoscopic surgery themselves on their patients.