A Novel Laparoscopic Tissue Retrieval Device

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Amit Kumar
10 months ago


A persistent problem in operative laparoscopy is the removal of laparoscopically resected tissue specimens. This problem is the ability to safely and effectively remove a variety of laparoscopically resected tissues from the abdominal cavity. Of course, one solution to this problem is to enlarge one of the laparoscopic trocar incisions to remove the tissue specimen intact. This solution is, however, counterproductive to the concept of minimally invasive surgery. Another solution is to morcellate the specimen with some type of morcellation device. Morcellation, however, is not acceptable in many surgical cases, because of the risk of dissemination of infection and/or malignant neoplasia. Also, morcellation may compromise adequate pathologic examination of the resected tissue specimen. This laparoscopic tissue retrieval device is a novel medical device that allows an easy and effective means to remove trapped laparoscopic tissue retrieval sacs with enclosed tissue specimens.