Laparoscopic Surgery for Peritoneal Inclusion cyst with Bilateral Endometrioma

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This Video demonstrate Laparoscopic Management of Inclusion cyst with Bilateral Endometrioma. Peritoneal inclusion cyst (PIC) is defined as a fluid-filled mesothelial-lined cysts of the pelvis and it is most frequently encountered in women of reproductive age. The treatment options are observation, hormonal management, imaging-guided aspiration, image-guided sclerotherapy and surgical excision. Peritoneal inclusion cysts are uncommon abdominopelvic cysts seen in reproductive age group women. It is often misdiagnosed clinically as an ovarian tumor due to similar presentation and mimicking findings on radiology. We describe a woman presenting with pelvic mass. Her clinical finding on radiology suggested an ovarian tumor; however, biopsy revealed it as peritoneal inclusion cysts.