Laparoscopic Tayside Knot demonstration by Dr R K Mishra

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This video demonstrate Laparoscopic Tayside Knot. This is an extracorporeal knot can be used to ligate tubular structure. The Tayside knot is suitable for use with all braided sutures (2/0 or stronger) as well as dacron. It is used with Dacron for ligation of vessels such as the azygous vein, splenic artery/vein or the inferior mesenteric artery/vein. A variety of slipknots are used by various professions and in certain leisure activities. Some of these have been adapted for use in endoscopic surgery. The holding strength of individual types of slipknots is influenced by a number of factors including the ligature material used and its caliber. Thus a slipknot may be secure when tied in catgut but unsafe with other materials. In addition, some slipknots are difficult to tie or jam lock too easily for reliable placement by push rod before locking.